Diagnosed With Fifths Disease In 1st Trimester Anyone Else

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tina - April 27

i'm very concerned about miscarrying or the baby having problems. i'm 11wks pregnant and just found out today that i had fifth's disease. has anyone else had fifths disease in their first or second trimester and if so what happened. please respond if had. thank you


Beth - April 30

I lost my second to the fifth disease; however I contracted it at the time of conception so my little one didn't have a chance. Of course I can't be sure that was truly the reason for the miscarriage. (lost at seven weeks) The reason I say that is b/c I had another miscarriage 5 months after that. Obviously the illness had nothing to do with that one. You are probably far enough along to be fine. Keep us posted...please. I will say a little prayer for you. Wishing you the best.


casey - June 15

sadly a friend was exposed to fifths disease and her baby was born still born due to it, brain damage. PLEASE pray hard and tell your doctor.


Heidi - June 20

I am 17 weeks and just found out I was exposed... going in for a blood test this afternoon... will let you know if they give me any specific info.


Eza - June 20

this is what i have found on it, i hope it is some kind of help to you... What are the complications a__sociated with fifth disease? While there is no evidence that parvovirus B19 infection is a significant cause of fetal defects, some studies have shown that infection may increase risk of miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. In people with chronic red blood cell disorders, such as sickle-cell disease, infection may result in severe anemia. Infection has also been a__sociated with arthritis in adults. What should I do if I am exposed to a child with fifth disease during my pregnancy? If you are exposed to a case or develop symptoms of fifth disease while pregnant, you should consult your doctor.


Jessica - June 22

I was exposed 10 days ago at 10 weeks so I am going tomorrow for bloodwork to see if I have it. Just something else to stress about now. I will let you know what happens.


EM - June 23

Tina and Jessica, good luck. My thoughts are with you. Please let us know how you are doing.


Ali - June 29

I'm supposed to go through invitro as a surrogate in one month and my kids seem to be coming down with fifths disease. Should I worry?


Jess - June 29

I am a teacher and this past year I was pregnant and found out one of the children had fifths disease. I was about 7 weeks pregnant. I went for blood tests and it came back that I had already been exposed to it in the past. I guess it showed up in my t_ter. Anyhow, I ended up with a missed miscarriage at about 11 weeks, found out I lost the baby at about 7.5 weeks. It probably wasn't due to the fifths but if you have been exposed I would have bllod work done.


Traci - June 30

I also am a teacher and like others, one of the students in my cla__sroom had fifths disease in early December. I think that I had been exposed about a week before I found out I was pregnant. I ended up having fifths disease and miscarrying fairly early in the pregnancy, but they couldn't definitely pinpoint it on the fifths. Best of luck and stay positive!



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