Did Anyone Have Brown Blood First

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amber508 - May 23

First off, I have to say I am truely sorry for anyone who has had a m/c... and i pray you are all blessed with happy healthy pregnancies and babies next time....My Q is....I have had borwn blood for the last 4 days... its easing up now thank god... and a bit of cramps but nothing severe..... they also have eased up... My Dr told me brown is normal, that it is just old blood, but I like to ask people who have been in my shoes.... Also.... my other Q is... did you guys lose your "pregnancy symptoms" when you had a m/c?? I still have major Nausea and tender bbs and all that fun stuff.... does this mean I haven't m/c?


Jen01 - May 23

Amber, I have had brown blood with my last preg which ended in m/c at 7 weeks and with my present pregnancy. I'm now at 15.5 weeks and I haven't had anymore since week 9. Good Luck.


Morrison1 - May 24

Amber, I certainly don't want to scare you or sound negative, but I have had two m/c since February. The first one started with some light brown spotting, it decreased, then I got cramping, then the blood came back, then I m/c. The second one started with cramping, and then spotting. I have found that if you have one or the other, it can usually be fine and mean nothing - but when both cramping and spotting are present, it can be a sign of an impending m/c. The pregnancy symptoms will depend a bit on how high the pregnancy hormones are in your body and they can take awhile to dwindle down if you do, in fact, m/c. Now, I am not saying you HAVE m/c, but I am saying your signs could reflect a possibility. If you still don't know, you may want to see your doctor for some blood testing to determine the viability of your pregnancy. They should do 2 hcg/prog tests 48 hours apart to see if your levels are rising appropriately. HCG should at least double every 2 days with a healthy pg. Good luck and I'll think good thoughts for you! Take care and let us know how you are doing.


Eva29 - May 24

Hi Amber, I guess there really is no answer here. Bleeding can be perfectly normal or it can indicate a potential problem - each case is so very different. I mc at 14 weeks and I still had my pg symptoms but don't let these comments scare you. Instead, take matters into your own hands and go in for blood tests or an ultrasound to give yourself some piece of mind. You do not mention how far along you are but they can detect a hb via ultrasound very early. I wish you the best of luck.


fara - May 30

hi amber..yes i lost symptoms..& yes,i had brown/black blood at 1st..then slowly it became deep red..that was with my 2nd misc..the 1st misc,i only had pinkish bleeding,at times reddish..for 1 month.



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