Did I Have A Chemical Pregnancy What Really Happened

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mamatokevin - January 5

I am wondering if any of you can tell me what you think happened to me. Here is my story: My last period was Dec 5 2007. On Dec 12 (I had an endometrial biopsy-because my lining was "thicker than normal" a few weeks prior)(it came back alright and I was told to procede with ttc. On Dec 19th my dh and I had s_x. (I knew that I was ovulating). On dec 30- I starting to feel pinching in my uterus and then on dec 31st I had the pregnancy nausea (I quickly recognized it as I have had one child who is 15 months old and I had the same kind of nausea with him). I took a first response preg. test that had a very faint pink line. Then I took the ept prg. test which either says PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT and it said "PREGNANT!" We were excited. (By the way my AF always comes between day 26-28- so Dec. 31st was day 26 for me- and obviously I had no AF). Then on the 2nd I took another EPT ahich came out as "NOT PREGNANT" and the First Reponse came out as POSTIVE- then on Jan 3rd I took another EPT that said "PREGNANT" and the first reponse had the faint pink line for positive. Then on the morning of Jan 4th- I started spotting- then bleeding I went to a clinic they did a urine test which came out NEGATIVE. They said I was probably having AF. I couldn't believe this- I had 5 hpt say Postive over the past 4 days and I had some major preggo sysmptoms. So I asked to have a "QUANTITATIVE blood test" done at 8:30am they drew blood and said the results would come back the next day. I went home where I began to have severe cramping and a lot more blood (way more cramping and bleeding than AF)(sorry to be graphinc but I had some clots and blood ran out like syrup when I went to use the restroom). I had my husband take me to the navy hosp across town (we're military). They did a Qualitative blood test at 3:30pm and is was NEGATIVE. Today I received a call from the nurse at the other clinic who said that the Qualitative number was Hcg of 4. I think that I was newly prgnant - ( I had all symptoms and my period was late). I found out early with the "early tests" (that said pregnant). (How can 5 positive tests be so wrong? ) Then the embryo for what ever reson did not continue on and I had a very early miscarriage- please tell me what you think? I am still so confused about what happened and medical professional will not give me any answers. Thank you for your replys. Dawn (mamtokevin)


pba74 - January 5

Dawn - first off, I'm very sorry for your loss. I know the excitement that comes with the positive pregnancy test and the disappoint that follows when the pregnancy doesn't stick. It certainly sounds as if you had a chemical pregnancy. You got a positive with the hpts which obviously showed you had enough HCG in you to get a positive result more than once. I had a similar experience last Feb. when I was 3 days late (which I'm never late)...I got a positive result on a Wed....another positive on a Saturday and Sunday and by the time the next Wednesday rolled around I tested and got a negative. I had bloodwork done and it came back at a 9....my doctor said anything under 10 was considered not pregnant (some say anything under 5). He confirmed that it was most likely a chemical pregnancy. The good news for you though is that you can ttc again whenever you are ready. Chemical pregnancies are quite common (even though that is not much comfort) and are usually considered as a "late period." I'm no expert and someone else may be able to give you more advice. I wish you all the best in future for a happy and healthy pregnancy. ~Amanda


Carly67 - January 5

Hi I just had a similar thing happen in December to me as well. I got a faint line on a FRER at 13 dpo and at 14 dpo I had a faint line on a FRER and a $ Tree test on 15dpo I had a Faint line on The FRER and on day 16 I had a neg on the $ Tree but a faint line on the FRER. The next morning I started bleeding and so it is thought it was a chemical pregnancy. I too had a lot of preg symptoms, frequent urination, nausea, tingling b___sts, pulling in my pelvic area. I am sorry to hear you went through that but I think that the good news is that you can ttc right away and that it means that you and your partner are capable of fertilization which means you are still fertile. Good luck.


ChattyKathy - January 5

Just to confirm what everyone else has said, I do believe you are correct in saying this was a chemical pregnancy. Chemical pregnancies are just really early miscarriages where the embryo implants but for whatever reason it does not stay there. Unfortunately there is no way of telling for sure why this happened, but it was most likely a chromosomal problem that your body recognized and chose to start over. You can TTC right away without having to wait an entire cycle since it was so early. You will most likely ovulate two weeks after the start of your miscarriage, same as if it were a period. I'm sorry for what you have been through and best of luck to the two of you in the future.


stefkay - January 5

hi mamatokevin, I'm so sorry....this does sound like a chemical pregnancy. First response tests can detect hcg as low as 6.5miu (read a study done on them) and something similar happened to me, but the doctor was able to catch it in a blood test. It seems that you got the blood drawn too late and it was already below 5miu which is considered "not pregnant"....sounds like you were indeed pregnant, but the bean did not attach. Good luck next time as you can try again right away without problems!


MissP - January 6

Hi mamatokevin, i agree with everyone else it sounds like a chemical pregnancy. m so sorry that happened. One of my friends had the same thing happen to her 6 times in a row and eventually the docs decided she had some blood clotting problem and she had to take aspirin to help thin the blood, she got pregnant staright away after that. My question is, ive just had a similar experience as you on Dec 31st, i had got to 34days (my cycle is normlly 30days and im 2 cycles post dc) and was convinced i was pg i had nausea, tiredness, diarrhea, headaches, pulling pains, like in my last pg - and yet i did 3 urine tests (not early ones) and they came up neg. But it was weird as id never had that before with any normal cycle, just the one where i was pregnant. And that time, the urine tests all showed neg but the blood test at the doc showed a faintline at 34days - i got to 12 weeks before i lost it. This time was the same as last time, I had the symptoms - at 30 days i had what i thought was implantation bleed and then at 34 days a very heavy and painfull bleeding with huge clots and just falling out of me, like my mc, just like you described mamatokevin. And yet everyone is saying its just a late af - im not convinced. Is there any way of finding out what happened at the doctors, after the event? Or is it impossible unless you go before you start to bleed? Also i want to know if it can be entered on my doctors records even theres no proof? Thanks for any help xx


mamatokevin - January 6

Thank you to everyone who has written back and replied. I am also convinced that I had a chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage. I read that this will happen to 8 out of 10 women in thier lifetime (however a lot of women will never even know. It is quite devastating when you take as many tests as I did over days and are gleaming with excitiment about the promise of a baby and then all of the sudden - you start to bledd and go to the doctor's and they treat you like you are some kind of idiot who was NEVER pregnant. I know what pregnant feels like - and I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that I was indeed pregnant- (and also 5 positive pregnancy test s (of different brands)on different days are NOT ALL defective tests either. I am supposed to go in for a follow up this coming Wednesday. (as they did do an ultrasound on Friday and the NP could not figure out what was in my uterus exactly?? Not sure what that means- but this time I am supposed to see the OB/GYN who was consulted - and I plan on getting more information. I will let you all know what I find out. Thanks again for all of your info and well wishes- We are hoping to get pregnant again in May.


applegirl - January 24

Hi Dawn, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I am going through through what I'm sure is a chemical pregnancy right now. My last period started the 25th of December. I had four positive pregnancy tests between cycle days 23 and 24. Then negatives on days 25-28. I am now on day 30. I am usually 27 or 28 days. This is my second chemical pregnancy. I had one in December 07 (positive then negative test, period on time day 28). I had a miscarriage in October, in week six. I don't know what to say other than it is good to not feel alone. I have been managing to cope ok til now, still keeping up with work etc, but starting to feel pretty low. I try to talk to friends and family - but I feel like they don't understand. My boyfriend has been so supportive but I know he is getting tired of me talking about this everyday.... Good luck in May Dawn - you will have to let us know how it goes. Sending you baby dust. Pamela



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