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mrs.haleyberg - December 19

Hi ladies.. Here I am, now placing a question on the forum I didn't want to get on. I was approximately 5 weeks along, and suddenly I started bleeding. I figured "Well, my period must of just been two weeks late", which is really weird for me in the first place since I'm usually three or four days early. My periods usually only last 5 days on the dot, but this one for some reason is going on day 7. That's when it dawned on me that I could be experiencing a miscarriage. Here are my symptoms. *Heavy Bleeding *No cramps *All signs of pregnancy gone *Lower Back Ache *No Clots while bleeding (making me think it's incomplete) I've also been having these weird sharp pains that come and go on either sides of my abdominal region. I've never had those before during my periods. Also, every period I've ever had in my life, I've always had really painful cramping, and I haven't had any of that this time.. I also read that light spotting to heavy bleeding can occur in some women during the first trimester if they've been pregnant before. I've been pregnant before, so maybe that could be a possibility? Should I go to the doctor about this? Or at least call them? Thank you. -Haley


mogelmama - December 19

Hi haley, I'd call the doc. I had no symptoms of a m/c, it took and ultrasound to find out. Also I needed a D & C, it was 3-4 weeks after they stopped growing and my body still hadn't recognized it. Call the doc they are the ones that can tell you for sure.


stefkay - December 20

Have you tested? I'd take a home test first to get an idea if you are pregnant or not. Call your doctor anyways because this is out of the ordinary for you. I've had a m/c where I had no symptoms and found out via ultrasound, but the one I had where I pa__sed it naturally I had MAJOR CRAMPS...I think most likely if you bleed and m/c it's not going to be without cramps.


LynnieG - December 29

Hello, I just went throught the same thing. One day I felt pregnany and the next I did not. I started spotting and the next day it was a full period. I knew I was pregnent because my doctor confirmed it. I went to the hospital right away as I only has minor spotting, no cramps or anything. I started getting pains on and off on both sides within the next couple of days. The doctore were not sure what was going on as it was still too soon to tell if I was in fact having a miscarriage. I have now been bleeding for 7 days and I went back to the hospital for them to check my hormone levels, unfortunately they have dropped drastically and therefore determined that I had a miscarriage, which could have been etopic from the sharpe pains that I was having on and off. They followed up with an ultrasound to make sure there was nothing left so that we did not risk infection. I would check into to it just to be sure.


aelliott - December 29

I just miscarried for the first time last month, I only knew that I was pregnant for three days, and my pregnancy symptoms weren't very strong. I found out I was miscarrying because I started having weird sharp pains on the left side of my lower abdominal/pelvic region the day before I got a positive test. The blood tests my doc did came back with steadily declining hormones levels. It is possible for tissues to expel completely on their own (mine did, at least according to my OB) but sometimes they don't and only a Doc could tell you what you need to do next. I'd give them a call.



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