Did I Have A Miscarriage

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Please help.. - March 26

I was about a week late of AF and was starting to "feel pregnant". The discharge, weird stomache feelings, & last night I threw up. But I woke up this morning and felt something was wrong and when I wiped it was dark pink blood and I figured I got AF. But I looked in the toilet and there was blood clot bigger than a quarter. And I am having horrible pain now in my abs, under my ribs, and even heartburn. What is goin on??


Heather - March 26

Have you taken a pg test?


mulgajill - March 26

Sounds like you did have an early m/c... this is pretty common, doesn't make it any easier, but it explains those "late periods" which only seem to happen when we are trying to conceive.... i recently had a very early miscarriage (had an early blood test which was positive but low levels) and it started with pink on the toilet paper then bleeding a couple hours later ... check with your doctor anyway...


dani - April 19

hey, ive had a few misscarriges, and thats about how they go, a matter of fact ihave been a little upset, cause i think it happen to me this last week i have a doc appointment this week to see, i hope you didnt, but good luck


sdgirl - September 26

I have a blighted ovum which means its a form of a m/c the embryo never formed. I am now starting to bleed heavily. I am scheduled for a d and c on Tues the 27th should I be worried and go tot he hospital now? Or can it wait till the morning of Tues? I'm really worried for my sake. I will be home all by myself. I don't want to pa__s out. Please help me out. Thank you. Sdgirl


Nicole J - September 26

I have missed my last period but did not take a test.I have had some changes which would indicate i was pregnant but i was scared to take a test as i have had negative results before.I started bleeding last night and have painfull cramps and heavy bleeding,I think i was pregnant? I am going to the doctors today but i'm so confused i have been so tired and my moods up and down i'm not sure what to think.?? I started bleeding it was quite brown with some clots.


marie - September 28

I was at work and I told my co worker to watch my cla__s because I had to go use the bathroom. I thought I was going to start my period because I usually start at the beginning of the month and it was the end of the month already.I was cramping I had a little blood spot. I was like okay I am going to start. Then later on I was cramping I thaught they menstrual cramps I was just spotting though. Then when I was home later on in the night I had to go to the restroom and when I sat down I look down at my pad and their was something I was like scared I didn't know what it was it look like a ball of skin like it looked weird. So then I wiped my self then their was something like bloody tissue or something it was weird. So I put the thing in side a container. I am going to take it to the doctors I don't know what it was I don't know if it was a miscarriage.



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