Did I Have A Miscarriage

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tasha c - May 2

Last year i had severe abdominal pains and heavy bleeding, sounds like a period, but it was earlier than my expected period and was nothing like i'd ever experienced! the pain was very different, more severe and felt like contractions rather than just cramp. also had very bad back pain, which i dint normally get on a period. i was feverish too and a bit unwell. my instinct told me this was not right so i went to the doctors. he did a pregnancy test, which was negative.. so he sent me for a test for a pelvic infection, i.e. a s_xually trasmitted infection (i tried to tell him it couldnt be that as i the only person i had slept with was my long-term boyfriend.) he gave me antibiotics in the mean time, and the bleeding stopped, but i think it stopped on its own anyway. the pelvic infection results were negative, so i know it wasnt that... ever since, i have wondered what happened... could i have had a miscarriage and been unaware i was pregnant? i'm 21, i wasnt trying for a baby but me and my boyfriend sometimes weren't that careful.. am i stupid for letting it get to me, or could i have been pregnant? and do you know if the the docs pregnancy tests would have still showed negative like they did? although its a year on i feel a bit sad, and i still dont know what happened :-(


Jennifer28 - May 2

Tasha- I'm not sure what it could've been... I'm sorry I couldn't be much help to you and I'm sorry you're still sad after all this time. Did you dr. do a blood test? Did you notice any clots when you were bleeding? I don't think you're stupid for letting it get to you at all. You're young and you're scared b/c you have some very important unanswered questions - and that is perfectly normal. From what I have read, a lot of women m/c w/o even knowing they were pg b/c they m/c b4 they have a missed period. Anyway, I hope you can find some peace w/ what you experienced in the very near future... (((HUGS)))


frankschick2001 - May 2

I'm not 100% sure, but I think if you were pregnant (even having a miscarriage) the test would have come up positive. Although I am not a doctor and really cant say for sure. Other possibilities may be a ruptured cyst? Or perhaps the egg was fertilised and did not implant and so you just started to bleed early?


littlemama1022 - May 3

If you were pregnant the test should have come up positive, I think. It takes a few weeks for the pregnancy horomones to get out of your system. A lot of women I know still get positive pregnancy tests after there miscarriage. I may be wrong and if I am, sorry for your loss.



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