Did I Have A Miscarriage What Should I Do

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Rosalym - April 3

Hi, I missed my period last month, although I am on medication (methadone) which causes my periods to be irregular. A few days ago, I was having s_x with my boyfriend and he noticed a brown jelly like substance on the condom after having s_x. Strangely enough, I did not start my period. About a week later, I got up in the morning to take a shower and noticed about 3 blood clots that hadn't fully clotted come out. I was excited that I started my period. For about two days, I had a normal period, but strangely no cramps at all which is abnormal for me. Then the 3rd or 4th day, I was sitting in class at school, when I suddenly got cramps so bad I was shaking. They radiated into my legs and back. I barely could drive home because they would not let up at all. (Usually when I cramp, the cramps come in waves.) I curled up on the bed balling with a heating pad while my boyfriend went to get pain medication. I noticed even a strange pain I have never experienced on the outside of my va___a, maybe just because the pain was so intense. I was bleeding pretty heavy, but not heavy enough to be alarmed. The next morning I woke up and changed my tampon, and noticed at the top of the tampon a blood clot about 2 to 3 inches long. I wouldn't have worried, but upon inspection I realized it didn't look like a normal blood clot. It was much harder, and had different colors in it. I noticed membranes or veins as well, and tissue. One side had a skinny line, which looked like it might have been attached to the wall of my uterus. I tried inspecting it a bit, although it had already fallen in the toilet. I flushed it before reading about miscarriage tissue, so I was unable to further identify it. This happened 2 days ago on Friday. Since then, the bleeding suddenly stopped for a day, then this morning I noticed I was bleeding a little heavy again, but not too heavy, and I have had no cramps whatsover since that day. I have never had blood clots before, besides when I had an abortion a long time ago, so I have seen blood clots before, but those were more jelly like than what I experienced. I'm not sure what I should do. I use condoms all the time with my boyfriend, so I don't know if I even could have been pregnant. This has been a very unusual experience, and I'm not sure if and when I should go to the doctor, nor can I really afford to due to college, but if I need to I will figure out a way. If anyone could give me some advice I would really appreciate it! Thank you very much!


Betty - April 3

Sounds like you should talk your symptoms over with a doctor. He/She should be able to help answer your questions


Jill - April 3

Rosalym-I think you should make an appointment with your doctor, or at least call and ask some questions like Betty suggested. All of the things that you have described are definitely important enough for a doctor's office to at least give you some guidance and let you know if you need to make an appointment. Also, I know how tough it can be when in school. But your health is much more important right now. Although we all want to help on this site, you need a medical professional to ease your mind. I hope everything goes well for you.



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