Did I Miscarry I Don T Understand

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Sam - November 18

Well I was 12 days late on my period and I was having all the signs of pregnancy. I took test but they said negative except one which was so faint you could barley see the positive sign. Tuesday night I check to see if I started and I spotted Pinkish clear stuff. The next day i was spotting dark brown. As the day wen by I was having medium bleeding ( not heavy and not light) I had littel cramp the whole day nothing major then around 12 am I had terrible pain in my back and shooting pains, worse then period cramps. I never had that kind of pain before. I was suffering so I took advil and it took abot 2 hours to go aways. I woke up the next day and went to the bathroom I wipe and there was a pinkish clear mucos stuff. I thought that was wierd. I went to the doctors that day and they too pee test which was negative but my white blood cell cout was up and he said I had an Infection. He took a blood test, negative also. I told him everything that happened but he said you are probably having a very bad period... Anyone have any answers to this..


clare - November 22

12 days late is late. I have no answers but I knew I was pregnant too, I had sickness, swollen chest, smelt everything in huge proportions. Could not shower without vomitting. Took the pregnancy tests and negative. No period for 2 months. Went to the doctor who told me it was my imagination ! would not do a blood test. Next day heavy bleeding and thickness on my pants. I like you beleived I was pregnant. The pinkish mucos stuff came a few days later. After reading through these pages in the forum I realise perhaps I was pregnant but the baby would be unhealthy. I greive at my lose but have faith that I can get preganant and next time all will be ok. I wish you well. Like me you will never know but next time I know all will be well for you too. God Bless


skinnyminny - December 12

I was only 8 days late but had a handful of symptoms, the first urine test i took was the day after i missed my period came out neg. I was waiting until wed. to take another one, but i was in cla__s and felt somethign starting, but when i looked it was just clear pink discharge. I wore a pad and later there was blood on it, but not like my usual periods. then my cramping got really bad and i started feeling so sick, i could barely walk. Now the blood flow increased a little and I'm really weirded out.


littlecurious - January 3

i would say u were. im going thru the same thing. i didnt have a period for a whole month. i woke up one morning a puddle of blood. i had all the signs of pregnancy. i dont take bc or use any contraceptives. my b___st was sore, iwas eating everything, vomitted or felt nauseus like everyday, headaches, etc. my doctor did bloodwork and a week later my hcg was 0.so idont even know if i was pregnant.



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