Did I REALLY Have A Tubal Preg

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KYMOM - December 26

Hi, I found I was pregnant about 3 weeks ago. My hcg level was first 23 and within 2 days it went up to 84. The doc said I was extremly early but everything seemed okay. She sent me to have more hcg test done...to make a long story short...my hcg levels continued to rise every couple days but only by 4 or 5 points at a time. The doc said they could still be a small chance that it could turn into a good preg. but supprised me one day saying I needed a shot to end my preg cause she was certain it was a tubal preg. even though she had no evidence of it besides my low hcg levels. She completly freaked me out and said I couldnt wait even 2 days I had to do it now! Even after an ultrasound showing up nuthing. I just need to know if anyone else has had this to happen to them. I am very nervous that I did the wrong thing. Is it possible that I could have had a normal preg. with low hcg levels and going to make my self miscarry now that I had the shot? I would love any insight on this..thanks, amanda


LynnieG - December 26

Hello Amanda, I just went through something similar the other day. My husband and I found out the we were 6 weeks pregnant and were very excited. I woke up the other day and found that I had started spotting. I went to the hospital and the doctor said that it could be one of three things. 1. I was bleeding and I would be ok, 2. I was having a miscarriage, 3. I had an etopic pregnancy. They sent me for an ultrasound and could not find anything, therefore I was a little worried. They also tested my HCG level which were also pretty low. I was sent home after a few hours and and the next day I started to bleed just like a normal period. Unfortunately the doctors offices are closed around christmas time and I will have to wait to see my doctor next week. I am sure that I had a miscarrage and I truely believe it was due to my own low levels of progestrone. Do you know what type of shot the doctor gave you? was it a hormone shot?


KYMOM - December 27

Hello, Sorry to hear that..on the bright side I bleed allot with my first preg. and it turned out fine. This time I have no bleedin, no sign of anything which makes me wonder if the doc was right. The shot they gave me was for someone that had a eptopic preg and needed to end that preg. It was a medacine that was normally given to cancer patients (like kemo). It gets rid of any cells in your body that dont suppose to be there. Its new to me so sorry if I cant explain it that well..hope everything goes well with you..good luck.


LynnieG - December 29

The shot that you are referring to is a shot that they give to a certain blood type if you have a etopic pregnancy. It is a shot that prevents the mothers and the baby's fliuds from mixing as I am guessing that it can cause damage if it does.


colinzmom - February 10

Hi, well my numbers are higher than that. They were 1487, then up to about 1697. My DR thinks it might be ectopic. I dont know if this will help, but I am scared and feel your pain. I hope things work out for you. They say that the numbers rising are a sign that you are pregnant, but the fact that they are not going up they way predicted means that something is "hiding" the pregnancy, like the tubes.Therefore your numbers will NOT increase like a normal pregnancy. Good luck. How did you make out?



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