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lanislee - March 12

Hi. I had my m/c on Feb. 28 and had cramping for 2 days and then I bled for 7 days after that. It was heavy at first, then just kept getting lighter and lighter as the days went on and by day 7 it was nothing. I have a dr. appt on monday and was just curious because yesterday I noticed a discharge, much like that of ovulation. It was clearish white and stretchy(sorry tmi!!) But I was wondering if you get a discharge after a miscarriage or if I could possibly be ovulating?? I wasn't sure because there's so many changes your body goes through after a miscarriage, thanks for any info!!


JK - March 12

They say you can ovulate about 2 weeks after a miscarriage, especially if you were early and you didn't have a D&C. Although they say it isn't the best time to get pregnant, suggestions are to wait 1 cycle and then start. But yes you may very well be ovulateing.


lanislee - March 13

Just wondering if anyone has any other advice. Do you have discharge for a long time after miscarriage, it's been 2 weeks since my m/c. Thanks.


Heather - March 14

I've done a lot of research online about it myself (m/c on 3/5 myself) pretty much all the sites I've looked at say the same thing that JK did. "Most women will ovulate 2 weeks after mc." Women tend to be VERY fertile right after miscarrying.


amy - March 14

You will ovulate 2 weeks following a 0 HCG reading following M/C..if you were normally regular before.. that is what my MD told me! Also, I had a very early m/c and she said it was ok for me to try right away! I guess it all depends on what your own situation is.


Cyn - March 15

Lanislee, I am in almost similar situation as you. My m/c was on Feb 7 and bled for a week and followed by another week of spotting. It was clear, but now at 5 weeks later, I am getting whitish discharge (texture very similar to my usual ovulation) but when I tested for ovulation, it was negative. 3 days ago, I felt really wet and again it was negative. I am still discharging a little of this whitsh stuff. I think our body system is a little messed up after the m/c.



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