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lanislee - April 4

Hi. I have a question. Sorry if this is too much info. I had my m/c Feb. 28, so it's been 5 weeks since it happened. I had a discharge about 1 or 2 weeks ago and now I'm getting a lotion-like discharge and my br___ts are slightly sore. My dh and I haven't been protecting ourselves just thinking if it happens it happens. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this type of discharge this many weeks after m/c and what it meant. I was only about 4-5 weeks along and I had a natural m/c. Thanks for any info.


Heather - April 5

If it's lotion like it may be cm that is just thick. Does it appear to be thick cm to you? Have you taken a hpt?


lanislee - April 5

I haven't taken an hpt because I didn't think that I was pregnant. But my b___sts are still sore today and felt kind of achy, but haven't gotten af yet. This waiting game is no fun. This is day 37, and I was hoping to get it by now. How long should I wait to take an hpt? I know that they say your af should arrive 4-6 weeks after m/c, but my doctor said some people it takes months to get back. Just wondering if it depends on how far along you are. Thanks for any advice.


Cyn - April 5

Lainslee- I had a similar experience as you. I m/c naturally on 7 Feb (was 5 week along) and got my period only after 7.5 weeks later. Some time in the 5th week, I too got discharge, started with stretchy type (like ovulation) and after that whitish. My b___sts were slightly sore and heavy as well. I too thought I was pregnant as period didn't arrive after 7 weeks but got negative results. Then finally my period came. You may like to take a hpt to make sure, I guess 2 weeks after s_x should be a good time to test. Good luck!


lanislee - April 5

Thanks for the info! I was also wondering what cm is like before you get your af. I know that you're supposed to dry up, but I was thinking that maybe I'm getting close to getting my af.


Heather - April 6

I don't usually have cm before af. If I do it's just dampness... Nothing "wet" ya know. Have you taken a test yet??


stacey - April 6

I also felt tender b___sts about 5 weeks after my m/c. I got af after 6 weeks. My cycle was 40 days after my m/c. NOT fun!!!


elyse - April 8

I to have a question i m/c on the 12 th march no d/c i had a big bleed and for about two weeks after only slight on and off, but then i began having cm coloured discharge on and off as well, at hospital i did recieve some anti's and i have no pain? but yesrterday we did the norm with protec and i had a small bleed last night i thought it was my period? but nothing today any advise please would be great.



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