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harisa - December 1

I am 9 weeks and 3days pregnant and found out yesturday that my baby has not developed since 6weeks and 3day. Dr has given me the option of doing a DNC instead of waiting it out till my body miscarries on its own. I am scared to do this procedure and it also feels like its wrong to do that but i dont want to wait and be put through more hurt and pain. I have been crying for a day straight and i cant get over how could this happen. Why me i have put so much in to getting pregnant and now i have to deal with this too. my husband and i cant get pregnant naturally so we had to do a emryo transfer. I am thankful for my 2yr old daughter everyday.When we did the IVF with her everything went smoothly. I was hoping that the second one would be just a smooth as the first but i guess there are bumps in the road we forget about and end up getting hurt. why is it that people who do everything to have kids are put through so much and people that dont want them take life so lightly when they become pregnant. i just dont get that.


hkeyes - December 3

I agree with you completely. When i found out i was rolling around on the floor crying my eyes out..and my boyfriend works out of town for months at a time so i was all alone. Even harder was the fact my sister is pregnant too..and although im excited to be an aunt, its hard to get over something when its always in your face. Its so hard.. My boyfriend and I missacrried in sept... i take test after test hoping to conceive but it feels like iv been waiting years.. A DNC was great for me..so fast.u feel great after.. a little bloated.. but its closure. I didnt want one at first either because i was still attached to it. ONce its removed..u part with it.. acknowledge that yes, you did have a baby and it is in heaven now and try n start moving on to getting pregnant again.. I look at couples like yourself who have babies already..and i think.....how come people get more than one and all i want is one? :( Ur time will come again too.



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