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Kira_lynn - July 13

As some of you might have read, I will be going on Tuesday for my induction (baby measuring 14weeks). I was just wondering if i have to see the baby after i deliver it? I know that hospitals will dress it, and take pictures for you and even leave it with you for a few hours. My dh and I are really not wanting to do that, we understand the reason behind it, but just dont feel comfortable (not that its suppost to be comfortable). We'd be happy with knowing the s_x, and moving on. I hope it doesnt make us look insensitive.


mcatherine - July 13

No, you don't have to see the baby of you choose not to. Just inform them of your decision before the birth.


Sian1 - July 13

No you dont have to. I was asked if I wanted to see mine, I chose to because I knew that I would never get the opurtunity again, but I completely understand if you dont want to. As mcatherine said, make sure you let the midwife know before hand, just in case they dont ask you.


Trixiedoodle - July 14

Who cares what other people think? You need to get through this in your own way. What works for others may not work for you. If you let your wishes be known, they will be respected. Best of luck to you during this ordeal. Take care.


menalyn - July 14

If you don't want to see the baby, then that's your choice. But, after you deliver, don't be surprised if you change your mind. I felt the same before i delivered my last baby. I didn't want to see him at all, but then after i delivered, it changed. The fact was that he was MY baby, and i wanted to hold him just that once. Nobody is going to pa__s judgement upon you for whatever decision you make. If they can't understand that you've been through enough and you've made decisions which are right for you, then they are just insensitive and haven't a clue what if feels like. Just wait and see how you feel after you deliver. If then you still don't want to see your baby, then your decision should be respected and honored. Take care chick! My thoughts are with you!



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