Do I Need To Take It Easy After A M C

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dionne - May 11

i miscarried this past monday...and i've been crying since... i think i need to get back to my normal self which means going back to the gym - yoga classes and step classes. it's almost like i need to push myself back into my old routines or else i'll sit home and cry.... BUT i'm not sure if my body is ready for that. i didn't ask the dr. because i was too busy being shocked and confused when he gave me the news that i didn't ask all the right questions... does anyone know the answer?


S - May 11

I had a natural miscarriage a couple of weeks ago and my dr. told me to take it easy. Now that I have stopped bleeding she said that I could work out. She said if you start to bleed again then obviously take it slower. Hope this helps!!


dionne - May 12

thank you... anyone else get advice from the dr?


crisy - May 12

Hi Dionne. How are you? I miscarried naturally on April 25th. I bled for 9 days. I just started to go back to the gym this week. If your bleeding stopped and you feel strong enough you can start doing yoga. However don't push yourself. I went back to work a week after my miscarriage because I was going crazy at home. Hope you feel better. Keeping busy helps to get your mind off things.


A - May 12

I asked my doctor the same thing, she said it was fine to get back to the gym after 2 days. 2 days after my d&c I was still feeling really bad and bleeding a lot. I actually waited 2 weeks before I went back to the gym (I do step and yoga too). Listen to your body, if you don't feel ready don't go. Sometimes you need to cry.


aa - May 12

hi dionne, i am very sorry for your loss. you need to RELAX and let your body me. after i had my miscarraige (by taking the pills) the next day i decided to go for a walk...i was in sooo much pain it throbbed!!! my dr advised me to take a week off from work...and try and take it easy. i have a 3 year old, but i couldn't really take it easy. because i was doing housework and had ppl visiting what ended up happening was that i got deferred pain in my rectum (i know it sounds really weird but i would have shooting pain from their) which was horrible b/c i couldn't even sit down and the pain was like an electric shock ! (i'm serious - but the Dr said avoid lifing things as the uterus is still tender)....


dionne - May 12

i was only 5 weeks when i m/c. and i didn't really bleed a lot at all... and now i'm just spotting... so i'm wondering if it's not normal that i didn't bleed more????


S - May 12

Hi Dionne, I was also 5 weeks when I miscarried and I bled for 6 days, spotted for the last 2. 2 days were really heavy, the others were like a moderate period, kind of like my heavy day on a normal period if that makes sense.


dionne - May 16

well it turns out i did not miscarry... i had a tubal pregnancy. i had emergency surgury to remove my left tube on friday because it ruptured. i am so scared i won't be able to conceive and have a normal uterine pregnancy now. any thoughts? similar stories? anything? i am beside myself right now with fear, exhaustion and sadness



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