Do You Know Your Blood Type

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Tara - April 21

I didn't know my blood type until after my m/c. My doctor asked me if I knew what type of blood I had and when I said "no", she had it tested the next day. I not only found out my blood type, but found out I had RH negative blood and she ordered me a shot the following day. From what I understand, your very first pregnancy is not affected, but any pregnancy after (including m/c) would be affected. So, that is why I was given the shot before I got pregnant again. I don't really understand what happens, but have found out if you don't have the shot before your next pregnancy, you could miscarry again or have complications. Has this happened to anyone else? This also happened to my cousin who had a baby, followed by two m/c. She did not know her blood type until after the 2nd m/c and then had the shot, now is pregnant with no problems.


A - April 21

Could this be true if the father is Rh negative?


Tara - April 21

A-I don't believe the father's blood type will affect the pregnancy. My doctor never mentioned anything about it.


staci - April 21

tara-I m/c on 3/27 and after having my D&C on 3/28 I found out my blood type. I personally was not RH negative but thuoght I could be b/c my mom was. But after she had me she was given that shot so that it wouldn't have any affect on a subsequent pg. It is a standard procedure that they do, to ensure your health and future babies' health. Rest easy and know that you will soon have a healthy baby! I too am waiting and hoping for that as well! baby dust to you!!!


Tara - April 21

Staci: Thank you for the rea__surance! My doctor didn't seem to think it was a big deal, but I never really understood if it was serious or not. Your well wishes mean a lot and I too hope that you will also be blessed with a healthy baby soon!!


elyse - April 21

hello tara and A l i am o r/neg as well and had my antibodies tested with both my first two successful pregnancies and did'nt need a anti /d shot. I have just been to my doctors with my 2nd infection since the m/c and asked about the shot and they seem to think i may not need it? i am really confused about this as well should i have had the shot? can i still have it and will it work now? I was told you need the shot no longer than 72 hours after birth or m/c or your antibodies start to build. The antibodies build when the blood from the mom mixes with the blood from the baby or placenta when born or bleed during preg if your baby is postive the body will build antibodies against it and further pregnancies. Which could leed to what they call a blue baby and need a blood trans when born when you get to full term, that is if you don't have the shot of anti/d. They also don't seem bothered because your are under 3mnths when the m/c happened and say the baby hasn't had chance to build it's own blood type is this true has any one else been told any different? Any advise please for all of us.


Sandra - April 22

I am not RH negative but my best friend is and had to get the injection after both her mc, one at 8 weeks and one at 14 weeks. It is to do with the fact that your body builds up a resistance to a + blood type and treats the pg like an infection. I don't know how long after mc you need to get the injection, but I was under the impression you should definitely have the shot after a mc. Elyse - if your dr doesn't consider it necessary then he prob knows what he/she is taling about, but I would get a 2nd opinion. This is nothing serious to worry about, just something to be aware of.


Justine - April 22

A - I think it matters if you or your husband are RH negative. The baby will have either yours or his blood group.If you are positive and your baby is negative it can cause a miscarriage if you bleed as the blood groups attack each other. I'm not 100% certain but pls check with your doctor / hospital.


elyse - April 22

thanks girls for your anwers and i think i am going to ask some more questions on the shot when i see my gp again, it's not as if i going to go straight for another pregnancy but it would be nice to have your mind eased if i did have another baby and to know you did every thing possible, to prevent another m/c. thanks again take care.


Bobbi Jo - April 25

Tara, I am also RH negative and i have been pregnant four times and miscarried all those times and after the last three i had the Rhogam shot. The doctor says nothin is wrong wit my reproductive system but I most likely miscarried cause the father was a positive blood type and they say i have a better chance of carring full term if the father is negative also. But i am pregnant now - 6 weeks and the father is O postive so im worried i might miscarry again but hopefully those shots help and i can carry this one full term. I go to my first doctors appt. today so hopefully everythin works out. Well hopefully everythin works out for u. Good luck for the future.



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