Do You Need A D Amp C After A Natural Miscarriage

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Erin15 - March 11

My husband and I just suffered our first unimaginable loss. I had no idea what I was in for when we found out on Monday that I have miscarried. The baby had a normal ultrasound and healthy heartbeat at 8 weeks which was really exciting - the nurse midwife told us the percentage of miscarrying at this point was so low, that we should feel free to tell others if we hadn't yet - so we did. I was feeling sick, tender br___ts, tired, the whole 9 yards. Suddenly all of that stopped and I didn't really feel pregnant anymore - I had a gut feeling that things weren't going well. I had been spotting all along, which they said could be normal, but heavier blood came on last weekend. When we had the emergency ultrasound on Monday after failing to hear a fetal heartbeat, we found that the baby hadn't developed after that 8 week sonogram. It is amazing we even got to see it alive. We're really devastaded and hoping to try again soon. Has anyone else heard that you should get a D&C over miscarrying naturally? I have a feeling I have miscarried on my own already (cramps, clots, lots of huge amount of bright red blood), but have an appointment for the D&C next week. My sister in law told me that her friend miscarried naturally, but wound up needing the D&C three months later b/c she couldn't get pregnant and they felt tissue may have been left behind. Has anyone experienced this? Has anyone had luck with a successful pregnancy after a natural miscarriage?


Christy1 - March 11

Hi Erin. Sorry for your loss. We all know how devastating it is. It is harder then you think it would be. I had a D & C on Feb. 3. I was also about 8 weeks along. The dr. really left it up to me. She said I could either m/c naturally or have the surgery. I had not bled a drop. I have not ttc again, but I know there are a few women on here that are pg after having a natural m/c. Take care of yourself. Christy


Brooke F - March 11

Erin i am so sorry for your loss! I didnt have an a choice. My doctor told me it was best for my body to deliver. I am actually glad that i did. I was 16wks but had a missed m/c at 14wks. I needed a d&c after but not a full d&c. I was up the whole time. Follow your heart! The heart never tells you wrong. Good luck


deltabwa - March 11

erin, sorry for your loss. my doc told me that i could either do it on my ownor have a d&c. if i had it on my own he wanted me to come back and have a u/s to be sure that it was all gone. sometimes it doesnt all come out and can cause an infection. so we opted to have the d&c. we live 80 miles from the doc/hospital so it was the easiest for us but i think its on the safe side to have one just to be sure. lots of ppl have had a successful pg after. be sure to get your hormone levels check as well because after they hit 0 then you ovulate quickly after that. its also a personl opinion to try right away or wait a month or more. every doc has a different opinion and each person/couple has to decide if they are ready.


Erin15 - March 11

Thank you for all of your responses. It is helpful to communicate with people who have gone through this, so I really appreciate your time. I can't believe how many people have to deal with this, and I certainly hope that it works out soon for all of you and me too - it's so sad and difficult. Anyway, since you've each had a D&C can you tell me, in your opinion, if I wind up needing the procedure (if I haven't pa__sed it all on my own) should I be able to return to work the day after? I have been out for a week already - because things were progressing on their own and I did not want to be at work for that. I understand they'll give me some sort of pain killer when I leave which is why I ask - I wonder if I'll be in physical pain. I anticipate the emotional pain sticking with me forever.


Brooke F - March 11

Erin, my doctor is allowing me to go back to work in 2-3 days if i feel up to it. I am not ready to go back to work just yet ( just dont want to hear the "i am sorry" ) I have no cramping and the bleeding is very light - not even enough to fill up a pad. which i delivered and then had a small D&C while i was up ( which was the worse pain ever) As we all know that you will never forget your angel, but do what your body will allow you to do.


Erin15 - March 11

Thanks Brooke. I learned that I'm not as ready as I thought I might be to face the world when I had to run out of a St. Patrick's Day ma__s at my church today within 2 minutes of being inside. The music and the surroundings were way too much for me to handle, though I thought I could do it. I'm very new to this termanology, so could any of you help me understand what "af" means? How do I check my hormones? What does zero level mean?


Brooke F - March 11

Erin, i totally understand. AF is your period "aunt flo" Which i cant wait for her to show up! You want you hcg levels to be 0 when you start trying again ( thats if you plan too) Usually when you get your 1st period is when your lvl should be at 0. That is what i was told. I am waiting at least 2 periods before i plan to try again. They say that is your lvls are not at zero your chances of m/c again is doubled ( not sure how true that is) But i dont want those chances. You can check your levels by pregnancy testing or blood testing. But i am just waiting until my period comes. I am going to try again soon as my period gets back on track. I am also waiting on results of the baby i pa__sed! Which was turners syndrome i am sure. The chances of me having another baby with a cystic hygroma is less the 2% which makes me feel better. Are you planning on trying again? ( if you dont want to talk about it that is totally fine :) )


kc - March 11

Hi Erin, I'm really sorry for what you're going through. I had a natural miscarriage that began on 2/19 after 5.5 weeks pg. I went to the ER that day and they drew my blood (to check my hormone level) and also did an u/s (ultrasound). My hormone level was 1499 which is lower than expected for 5.5 weeks. 2 days later I had my blood drawn again and it was 765, which showed it was falling and so miscarriage (m/c) was diagnosed. Since then, I've had my blood drawn again (this time the level was 5), and I have to get it drawn again until it reaches zero, which will mean that I no longer have pregnancy hormones in my blood. These hormones (hCG) are the same hormones that home pregnancy tests pick up on to get a positive result. Hope this helps! Also, I'm relatively new here too, but some acronyms I've picked up on are : DH (dear or darling husband), AF (aunt flo, your period), CM (cervical mucus), m/c (miscarriage), O (ovulate) A lot of the women here have been posting for awhile, and I have found their knowledge and support really really helpful. Best to you.


Susan W - March 11

I had a natural m/c in January at nearly 12 weeks. My midwife gave me the choice but suggested that it is better to not have a D&C unless complication develop. I did not have any follow up bloodwork or anything -- couldn't see the point of it, as you can't do anything about it -- only a check up by my midwife a few weeks later to determine that everything was OK. Your body knows how to do this, and most women have no problems after a natural m/c. And I conceived again immediately and accidentally around February 3-5th, so it's possible to ttc again right away. Good luck, and I hope you are feeling OK emotionally.


Christy1 - March 11

HI Erin. I could have returned to work after my D & C, but I didn't. I took a week off. I felt better physically than mentally. Having a bad period is worse physically than a D & C. I was completely put to sleep. We got to the hospital at 11 and were gone by 3. I was walking around the drug store afterwards and the next morning we went out to breakfast. It is not bad at all. Good Luck whatever you decide.


Kara H. - March 11

If you have already lost a lot of clots and blood, you should ask your doctor for an u/s before the d/c. If everything has already come out, you shouldn't need the d/c. If there is still remaining tissue, the d/c probably be in your best interest. I too took a week off after my d/c, but I felt mostly normal (physically) after 2 days.


Erin15 - March 11

Thank you all again. This is so helpful. It is exactly what I need. So if I'm understanding this right - after the procedure, once my period gets back on track and everything has left my system, my hcg level should go back to zero, meaning i'm not at all pregnant and it might be okay to start trying again. Why the heck is our period called aunt flow? That's such a weird name for it... But anyway thank you all so much for the explanations and kc for the definitions - very helpful. And Brooke, I will definitely be trying again. Kara, I have a pre-procedure blood work appointment on Monday, so I will tell them that I think I miscarried on my own (I thought I had on Wednesday night, went in to the hospital on Thursday and it turned out I hadn't. The Dr. on call was a complete a__s - so that didn't help make me feel any better. He sees probably thousands of these, but should remember that for a lot of people, this is the first time. Anyway, on Friday morning, the bleeding happened again, but was much worse and came with cramping in my lower abdomen and pain in my back. The clots were much bigger as well (which was very sad and difficult to deal with), so there is a chance it has already happened. In a way, I'm glad I had privacy and a chance to cry for my baby in the comfort of my own home... maybe that helped me a bit.) The D&C is scheduled for Tuesday morning. Brooke - what is Turners Syndrome? Susan, good luck - that is great news and I'm happy it worked for you after the natural m/c!! All - thank you very much. I hope we can all think back on this site when we're 80 and tell our many , many grandkids how rough we had it...


Brooke F - March 11

Erin, Turner syndrome is a chromosomal condition that exclusively affects girls and women. It occurs when one of the two X chromosomes normally found in females is missing or incomplete. Which if its with a Cystic Hygroma, the chances of the fetus is less the 50% and its random 1 in every 6000 pregnancy.


KristenR - March 22

Hi all - I had a m/c in nov but didn't bleed. I ended up getting a D&C in dec. Have been ttc since, but just learned from an ultrasound that the D&C caused scar tissue in my uterus. Now I have to have surgery to have that removed before I can try again b/c it will likely cause a m/c. The really horrible thing is that this is the second time. I had a m/c years ago which also resulted in D&C and had to have scar tissue removed from that last year. I feel like I'm on an endless cycle. It is clear that I am prone to scar tissue - probably not everyone is. But avoid a D&C if you can help it - there are medications to take. Good luck everyone!


gem - March 22

hi erin, sorry to hear about your loss. I miscarried when i was 7 weeks pregnant. i had an ultrasound 4 days later and was told a d&c was not needed. That was 6 years ago and we have not tried for a baby since as the pregnancy was an accident and it is only now that we are ttc. I hope things go well for you from now on.


Rhiannon - March 23

I needed a D&C after a natural miscarriage because I hemmoraged and went into shock. I think the percentage of this happening is really low.



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