Does Anyone Know If There Is A Correlation Between

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SaraH - May 1

Does anyone know if when you lost the baby(s) can give any clue to if there is a problem with you or not? I mean if there is something specifically wrong with you are you more likely to have miscarriages that occur at approximately the same point in all your pregnancies? It just seams logically possible that if there is a specific problem causing the miscarriages that all pregnancies should progress in the same manner therefore leading to loses that all occur at approximately the same point. Does anyone know if there is any correlation?


Susan W - May 1

It depends on what goes wrong and why each m/c happens, and the loss time frame is so varied; if you were to ask each woman on here when she lost her baby, you would probably get a different answer from each. The vast majority of m/c (>60%) are due to chromosomal problems (chromosomal mismatch) that do not repeat; that doesn't mean you won't have a second m/c due to a chromosomal problem, it will just be a different chromosomal issue. The rest are a hodge-podge of things like uterine abnormalities (10%), immunologic problems (still under study), untreated illness such as thyroid or diabetes mellitus, PCOS, bacterial infections and lifestyle problems such as drugs, alcohol, smoking and toxins. . . .. That said, I know of at least one lady on here who lost two babies back to back at the same point, and her workup showed it was possibly due to a blood clotting problem. . . . So, it depends on what exactly goes wrong during early development, maternal environment and other factors. Does that help at all?


chandellina - May 2

hi Sarah, i wonder the same thing. but though both my mc were around the 8 week mark, the first didn't develop nearly so much (embryo was only 3.5mm no heartbeart vs 14mm with heartbeat the second time) so who knows. I suspect a blood clotting problem but i haven't been tested yet. it seems low progesterone can keep a pregnancy from developing around that crucial 6 - 10 week period too.


hcw - May 2

hi SaraH...When my m/c was diagnosed - I was 11 weeks but the bean had stopped growing sometime in the 8th week - the doctor told me that the 8th week was really the critical week and one of the most common times when a pg will end. the reason, he said, is because that's when the embryo makes the developemental leaps that are so important and difficult that they start calling it a fetus... so, in addition to all that SUSAN wrote, at least this doc says that for recurrence, 8 weeks would be a likely candidate and would reflect chromosonal and other probelms with the bean rather than the mom... sorry that your facing such loss...


Morrison1 - May 2

SaraH - Like SUSAN'S friend, I have had two back to back m/c - one in Feb and one at the end of April. Both m/c happened at the 5.5 week mark. With my first one, the last blood quant showed HCG of 149 and Prog of 7 and with the second one, my HCG quant was 140 (then dropped to 22) and my Prog was 20. So...while some things are identical between the two situations, there are differences, even with those. So...I don't know anything as of yet...won't start any regular cycle testing until after I ovulate the next time, so we'll see, but one other correllation could be what they call a Luteal Phase means that your luteal phase is too short to nurture an embryo and your body pushes things out too early and the embryo can not implant. This can be cured with clomid and/or don't lost hope yet!


SaraH - May 4

Thanks for the responses.



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