Does Everyone Get Cramps

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mimi - May 11

i was just wondering, does everyone get cramps when they have a m/c.... and how much do you bleed


* - May 11

I never cramped. I hardly bled. I went for my pre-natal and they broke the news to me then.


Cyn - May 11

I experienced cramps just before the sac was discharged, it was very similar to menstrual cramps. My bleeding was heavy, I had to change my sanitary pads every 2 hours and even dirtied my bed.


* - May 11

I should add... I had to insert special pills in order to get the actual "misscarriage" to begin. Once it did it was heavy and painful


crisy - May 11

Hi girls: My experience was completely different. I had horrible cramps. I was barely able to walk. I was bleeding a lot. Right before I rushed to the hospital, the toilet was full with blood(sorry for the details). I couldn't walk straight because I was feeling so dizzy. I felt as if someone was stabbing my stomach and my back.I lost the baby at the hospital in the bathroom. I'm sorry to give you so much detail. I hope that we can all get pregnant soon. Baby dust to all.


K - May 11

I'm sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. For a few weeks before, I had some spotting and cramping. I even had a Braxton-Hicks type cramp, where the whole uterus tightens into a ball. Anyway, once I began to m/c on my own, I had pretty intense cramps & back pain, with moderate bleeding. I continued to bleed/cramp for 4 days (starting and stopping the cramps) until I had a D&C.


Rach - May 12

ive jus had a m/c and im having the effects now, im in terrible pain and bleeding jus a little! im only 16!


To * - May 12

What do you mean that you had to insert pills to get the misscarrige to begin


Elyse - May 12

I spotted for nearly two weeks before my m/c happened i was like you crisy i was rushed to hospital contractions in my stomach and back the dr looked at me as if i was mad when i told him the pain i was in. I also lost alot of blood it took around 6hrs to complete, until the dr's removed what was left without pain relief(sorry) as it was stuck in my uterus and then the bleed stopped. It honestly was the worst experience of my life. I questioned the nurse the following day why was it this bad for me she replied they didn't know why some women go through labour and others just go to the toilet and it's over for them.sorry for being graphic take care all.


Kirsty - May 13

I spotted for a few days leading up to that haunting day,,, I had bad cramps in afternoon and m/c in evening for me I had alot of trouble with backpain the week after also???


j - May 13

I spotted for a week which turned into bleeding which lasted for two more weeks. The cramps didn't come until the last week, and they were awful. I couldn't move from the pain and discomfort. Nothing I took relieved the pain for more than 2 hours. I am used to terrible menstrual cramps, but these were worse. "What doesn't kill us..." right? I had one day of really heavy bleeding and pa__sed clots for two days. The only thing that prepared me was reading these bulletin boards. My doctor didn't tell me anything to expect; just to look out for clots. When I aksed for a prescription for the pain, she gave me tylenol with codine. (which is to treat mild to moderate pain, this was NOT). Everyone is different but cramps and some sort of heavy bleeding are most likely to happen if the miscarriage happens naturally.



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