Does Low HCG Levels Cause M C

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me - May 4

At 6 1/2 weeks my hcg levels were tested. Very low (2700 instead of 15,000). The doctor suspected a blight ovem, however, the sonogram showed a 6.7 week old embryo. I was tested two days later and my levels only rose to 3500. They should have doubled. I M/C the next day with no symptoms just a little spotting. No cramping, no pains. Does low hcg levels cause m/c or does an abnormal embryo cause low hcg levels?


Kris - May 5

I am not a doc, but here's what I think. HCG is produced by the placenta not by your body. So to me, it seems that low HCG has to do more with the size and strength of the embryo's connection with your uterus. But that's my non-medical guess. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I get new HCG's today... But one thing I do know from the doc is that it's not so much one HCG number alone, but the comparison between levels 2 to 3 days apart... as you said, they should double.


Curious - May 5

hi guys, i hear a lot about HCG levels and all. What are they? What do they have to do w/ preg. I guess I'm not familiar with it. Im from Toronto and here we just take a blood test or urine test to confirm it one is preg or not. Just wanted to know that all!


crisy - May 5

Hi me and Curious. I had low HCG levels and I miscarried a 7 wks. The HCG which is called Human chorionic gonadotropin is present in the maternal blood serum 8-10 days after fertilization, just as soon as implantation has occured, and is detectable in maternal urine a few days after the missed period. It reaches its maximal level at 50-70 days gestation and then begins to decrease as the placental hormone production increases. The placenta produces hormones such as hCG, hPL, estrogen and progesterone. I know this for sure because I worked as a postpartum nurse for 5 yrs. at the hospital. I am doing community nursing at the moment (prenatal and postnatal follow-up). When I got pregnant I was in heaven and now I am trying to cope with my loss. Sometimes the hCG levels may cause a person to have a miscarriage but my friend had a healthy baby boy and she had hCG levels lower than the norm. If there is a genetic problem with the baby, the body will automatically have a miscarriage.When I lost the baby I had cramping for two weeks and I was put on bedrest. I am very sorry for your loss. I think that the next time you get pregnant you should ask your doctor if you should take progesterone pills or if you need injections to keep the pregnancy going. Every woman is unique and every pregnancy is different. I hope that you have a good doctor with whom you can talk. It is very important to find out, if you can, the reason of your miscarriage. I was not told the exact reason for my loss. It could have been becase of a detachment of the placenta, or because my hCG levels were too low and the baby stopped growing, or because I am Rh negative or because I have rigid uterine arteries?? I will never know. I beg you to go see your doctor and ask the reason you lost your baby so you won't have to go through this pain again.


me - May 7

Kris and crisy, Thanks for you info. I have a dr. app. scheduled later this month. Hopefully I can find out more. Kris good luck I hope everything goes well. crisy, I am sorry for you loss. I hope all goes well when you are ready to ttc again. Please keep me posted.



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