Does Thickness Of Uterine Lining Affect Pregnancy

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bigcat - May 18

Dear all. In 2000 and 2003, I had two abortions in 8-9 weeks. Since last year, I wanted to have a baby. But I had two m/c, in May 2005 and 2006. Dr. didn’t find any problem and he referred me to a fertility specialist. Now, I’m waiting for call from the fertility specialist. When I check my medical records, I found ultrasound results showed that the Endometrium (uterine lining) was 6.5mm in thickness. However, the reference value for this was 8-10mm. Some said ‘An endometrial thickness of 7 mm minimum was found necessary for implantation Some research results have suggested that thinner uterine linings are indeed associated with lower pregnancy rates, but other studies have failed to confirm these findings’. Do you think this could be the reason? Why Dr said that’s fine? And, Is there any medicine which can help to improve uterine lining thickness? Thank you sooo much!


Morrison1 - May 19

Hi Bigcat. I am sorry for your losses. I, too, had an abortion back in 1993 and have had two m/c since the beginning of the year. I don't know that my endometrial lining is thin, but signs are pointing to a Luteal Phase defect, which essentially means the same thing. There isn't enough time and/or progesterone for the endometrium to develop and the embryo gets flushed away too early. A healthy endometrium is essential to a good implant...and it is progesterone that drives the development of it. The corpus luteum (the sac around the egg) is what actually tells the body to create progesterone and thicken that lining in the case that the egg may have been fertilized and need implanting. So...long and short of it is that there are things you can do to help your endometrium develop better (clomid will help you ovulate better thus creating a better luteal phase) and progesterone taken after you o will help, too. I just started taking progesterone and I see an acupuncturist as well, but that isn't for everyone. Good luck to you, and I hope you know that your abortions have nothing to do with your m/c.


JuJu - May 22

Bigcat; as far as I am aware; yes, uterine lining is crucial during pregnancy, particularly in the first few weeks. Can you seek a second opinion from another Doc? When you say your lining was 6.5mm thick during u/s - does that mean whilst you were pregnant?


bigcat - May 22

thank you, Morrison1 and JuJu! It was not on my pregnant. It was tested 2 weeks after my m/c in last year. I think it was about 10 days before ovulation since period came 25 days later after the test. Why the O/B Dr said it was fine? I will ask the specilist this week. I asked another Dr about m/c. He said it should be some problem about kidney which is very important to fertility. I may take some herbal medicine to firstly regulate period, kidney, uterus etc.


Morrison1 - May 22

bigcat - I would say that 10 days after m/c is not necessarily the best time to test the thickness of the uterine takes time for all of what was there to clear out, and even if you had a d&c, you would have to wait for the hcg numbers to drop (which usually takes at least 2 weeks if not more) before you would ovulate. Then, you begin the process of the egg traveling down the fallopian tubes before you would get your af. It wouldn't be until during that second part of the eggs phase that the lining would really begin to I am kinda confused as to why they would test it at 10 days past m/c. If this is your concern, you might want to retest that at a different time in your phase (cd21 or dpo 7-9) is usually when they test for progesterone (which also would be around the same time to check uterine lining. So, unless I am missing something, I would guess he said it was fine because at the time he tested, it was. I'd definitely ask him more questions about timing of that test and if you don't like the answers, find another doc to ask.


JuJu - May 23

Bigcat; I am thinking exactly the same thing as Morrison - that is does sound like a very strange time to measure your unterine lining! I would say that your lining would have reached normal measurments but the time you ovulated - which is when your lining is at its peak. Definitely worth asking your specialist again - especially because you may not have a problem at all with your lining!


Morrison1 - May 23

Oh, good...JuJu answered the question of when the best time to test the uterine lining is, which is around o. I didn't make it clear that I wasn't sure WHEN to test the thickness of the lining exactly - when I mentioned prog, it was sort of a guess, so I am glad JuJu chimed in on that! Thanks JuJu! So, BigCat, I would call the doc and ask them why they tested at 10 days past your m/c and if they wouldn't mind checking again at the appropriate time. JuJu - I hope you are doing well.


bigcat - May 23

Thank you very much! Now I'm much Knowledgeable on this. I checked the date of that test. My m/c was on April 18, 2005 and the test was performed on May 4, 2005. So, it's about 2 weeks. Maybe the Dr thought that's the right time. But my period came on May 29. That should not be the right time. For this time (May 2006), the Dr. did not do examination and refer me to a specialist directly. I can only see the specialist two months late on July 26. I think it's too late, but the specialist's schedule was already full.... I hate wait. But I have to wait....



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