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Lanislee - March 1

Hi. I'm new to this post and I have a quick question. I had my last period Dec. 27 and missed my Jan. af. Got off bc pills in Oct and had my wisdom teeth out Jan. 13. I had taken test after test and gotten negatives with all of them. So, 3 weeks after missing my af I had a blood test done. Just a +/-. They called me and said it was positive. So, then just last night I had bad cramps and was bleeding so I went to ER. They told me my hcg level was only 30. The nurse that called me last week told me she guessed that I would be 6-7 weeks along. Now I feel like I'm having my period. I've very confused! Was I even pregnant or just gotten pregnant and it didn't take? And can having a miscarriage feel like you're having your period? My next af would have been due in 4 days. Any advice from anyone? Thanks alot!


kj - March 2

I heard your level has to be under 5 to get a period, so maybe you did miscarry. I miscarried at 6 weeks and it was just like a bad period - painful cramps for 2 days and then bleeding for abour 3-4 days following.


Misty - March 2

Sorry to not be able to give you good news but your HCG levels are really low and they tend to grow extremely rapidly. It is posible that you could have had the wrong nuber of chromosomes. A living baby would never develope if that was the case. Knowing that made me feel a lot better. When I miscarried my HCG level was very low and they couldn't find a heartbeat. So I feel like there was nothing alive yet, therfore nothing died. It's still very tough to deal with, but it made me feel better.


lanislee - March 2

If there was a wrong number of chromosomes, what are the chances of my next pregnancy being like that? Thanks for the replies!! Great to hear advice!


Misty - March 2

My first pregnancy went perfect, no problems at all, then on the second one I miscarried. So I'm hoping it is just a statistical kind of thing and that my next one won't be the same thing(both the same father). But it must not happen every time for the same people or I wouldn't have my son.


stacey - March 3

My dr. told me after I miscarried that after a miscarriage you have the same chances of anyone else to miscarry again- 15%. Chances are you won't!


jenny Mc - March 6

hello I'm new, I have one son he's 3 yrs old, I had 3 d&c and my old doc said that i had high hcg levels on the 2 d&cs and the 3rd he didn't know what to say to me on the 3rd one, he was speechless. I asked him if i could get preg again,he says yes and my husband and i try for about 2 years and nothing yet... worried if the d&c hurt me inside?? today i have signs of being pregent and i work, I scared for me and the baby, I afaid to go throught it for the 5th time if the baby has a heartbeat. if you have ideas that would be great!!



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