Done With 1st AF After MC I Think

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MamaHarms - April 29

Ok, here goes.....see if anyone has any imput. I had my miscarriage naturally in the middle of March. I spotted on and off until last week. (very annoying) Then last week I started bleeding pretty a normal AF. I was so excited because if that really was my first AF, then I can try again! I took a hpt and it was definately negative yesterday. So my question is....can I still get a negative, if my HCG levels are not back to 0? I am so ready to try again, but I am afraid that I might still have tissue left in my uterus and that is why I bled for so long. It seems like most everyone on these threads stoped bleeding after their miscarriage after a couple of weeks. I just want it to be over.


jstaley1228 - April 29

Yeah, you can still get a negative if you have some HCG still left in your system. Home Pregnancy Tests have a sensitivity of about 20, I think? It should say on the box but I do know that when my levels were below 10 I was testing negative on HPT's but my blood still showed HCG. I hope that helps. And I also hope your back to zero and ready to go again. Good luck and I'm sorry for you loss in March.


MamaHarms - April 29

Thanks for the imput JSTALEY.....How long did you still have HCG in your system afterwords.....Also, I am a__suming you misarried also and I am also sorry.


MaryElizabeth - April 29

MamaHarms - I m/c at 5w5d. I had my HCG levels checked 5 days later and it was at 2. I believe urine tests pick up anything over 20 as well.


sarahdavid - April 29

I bled for about three weeks with my miscarriage. I also got pregnant again before I had a period?? We were not even trying my dr told me you are extremely fertile after a miscarriage. Good luck


MamaHarms - April 30

Thanks Mary Elizabeth and Sarahdavid. SARAHDAVID, did you have a d&c or did you have your miscarriage naturally, and did the next pregnacy go well for you?? I'm so sorry for everyone's losses. Also........(tmi) sorry...but did anyone of you have problems with bleeding after s_x? I thought I was me and my husband had s_x and then the morning after, I had started bleeding again......coincidence maybe?



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