Doppler Questions

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Newbie - May 11

Hi Ladies! Many of you have been talking about dopplers and using them for reassurance. Where is a good place to rent from AND what model? Also, is it better to rent or to purchase? Thanks for your guidance!


stefkay - May 11

Newbie, I opted to rent because I pay about 45 per month, but the doppler was more to buy (and I didn't want to fork out that much cash at once). I tried StorkRadio first but was not that happy with it and sent it back. I then went with and LOVE the doppler. It worked between 9-10 weeks and probably would have a bit sooner if I'd gotten it first. It's the same one my dr's office uses. I got the 3MHz digital readout one.


Newbie - May 11

Hi Stef! Thank you so much for responding! I remember you talking about dopplers awhile back and was really hoping you would chime in! SO THANK YOU...and Happy Mother's Day to you! I will check out the website soon.


tuesdaypm - May 11

Hi, I bought mine from a site called Anawizz was happy and it was pay monthly and keep after 5 payments :)


Mrs.Hath - May 11

Hi Newbie. I totally took Stefkay up on her recommend and I couldn't be happier. I use mine everyday. I rented it from baby beats dot com. You can put in my refer a friend code: HAT3562. I think they send a check for $10 or something. I'm 12weeks today. Although I cannot HEAR the HB, I can see a readout of it. It is so rea__suring to see the BPM of 148 or 155. I know my little bean is still thriving in there. It keeps me from calling the doc every day with panic attacks :)


stefkay - May 12

omg, Mrs. Hath we sound so alike. My dr. would probably normally not have been crazy about a patient getting a doppler, but both of mine (OB and specialist) were all for it because I'm "that patient" who called every day panicking, lol ;) Hope all is going wonderfully for your girls on your pregnancies!!!


ZenGirl - May 12

I bought mine off of ebay for $85.00. it has the lcd display and was in perfect condition. i want to keep mine for the entire pregnancy so i figured it would be more cost effective this way in the long run...



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