Dosn T Feel Like I Mis Carried

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allyssa - February 4

I missed carried 3 weeks ago. I started to bleed and cramp like a regular period. I wnt to the ER and was told I lost the pregancy. I did't pass anything that seemed like a fetus, and they didn't do a D&C. Since then many of the symptoms of Pregancy have lingered and some have increased. Is my body just having a hard time re-adjusting, or is my mind playing tricks on me. I guess what I am really wondering is, is it possible I didn't have a mis-carriage at all????


denimb__terfly - February 4

I don't know if you had an ultrasound at the ER, but they probably knew you miscarried due to your pregnancy hormone levels in your blood. If you don't think you pa__sed anything- get an ultrasound! You could still have tissue (or the fetus) inside of you and need a d+c. I'm sorry for your loss.


DownbutnotOUT - February 4

i was told after my missed m/c pregnancy symptons can hang around 4-6 weeks afterwards. sorry for your loss


hailey07 - February 4

Hi, so sorry for your loss. I recently had my m/c and it took a long time for me to accept it. I had my final blood work done last week to check my hCG levels (if i never had to say hCG again it would be too soon) and the labs came back with 0 hCG. That was when I truly believed I had miscarried. It's very difficult to lose a baby and even more difficult to deal with the same symptoms of pregnancy after all of that. I had a hard time accepting the m/c because I only really bled for 2 days. It began and finished in record time, so I convinced myself that i hadn't gone through an entire box of maxipads and denied the m/c. Like I said, it took medical proof for me to accept my loss, so you may want to follow up with your doctor to do some tests to at least make sure that your hormone levels are going down. Again, I am so sorry... I wish that none of us ever had to go through this, but unfortunately these things just happen some times. It will get better, hang in there.


kristi77 - February 5

Hi Allyssa, I missed carried in 2000 and they did not do a d&c & I missed carried in October 2006. I had to have a d&c cause he would leave :( How far along were you? If you are very early, your not going to pa__s much and it would be just like you are having a period. Seriously go to your doctor to make sure you are completely cleaned out..I know it sounds horrible, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for your loss. It took me along time not to feel pregnant anymore. Your body is thinks it just had a baby and you go through post popartum plus your emotionally going through your lose. It will pa__s.. in time.. See your doctor and tell him/her how you feel and go from there. Keep us dated.. Good Luck.



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