Dr Says D Amp C But Should I Wait HELP

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Jeanie - May 21

Positive test on May 13,(hpt 2 weeks prior to the 13th and it was negative) have no idea when my last period was exactly, but can only guess sometime in mid to late March. I've never been regular. Dr sent me in for u/s on May 18 the tech told me my gestational sac size placed me at about 5 weeks. At first she didn't see anything, but towards the end of the scan she saw what she thought was a yolk sac. Here's the problem: My doctor calls me today, and says that the radiologist who read my u/s results puts me at about 8weeks along, my hcg level was 14,000, she thinks I have a blited ovum. I told her that if the doctor is going from my last period it really isn't accurate. Also mentioned the tech told me it measured about 5 weeks. She said she'd look into it.(Also when the nurse first called me with the results she also said 5 weeks). She wants me to do blood work again tomorrow (5/21) and have another scan on Monday, if no changes then do a D&C on Tuesday morning! I'm so confused. I haven't had any symptoms of miscarriage it just feels like we're jumping the gun. I don't know if I'm just in denial or if it's my inner voice telling me to just wait a bit. Any suggestions??? I'm going insane!!! Your Answer:


Jess - May 22

Once you get your second set of blood work done you will know. If your #s aren't doubleing than you know something is wrong. Also, by 5 weeks you should be able to see a yok sac, not a heart beat yet though. Anyway, once you do get your blood work back that is the key. I didn't miscarry until I was between 10-11 weeks, and when I did start to bleed and had the US done they said the baby stopped at 7-7.5 weeks. So I went 3-4 weeks before I even started to m/c. If I would have know at 7 weeks that the pregnancy wasn't viable I would have had the D&C. It was very painful to start the m/c naturally. I finally had a D&C in the ER and felt great (physically) after. Best of luck. Update when you can.


Elyse - May 22

Jeanie, you are not going insane you have a right to wait and be really sure i had know definate idea when my last period was it was about the middle of dec but did a test it was positive in last week of Jan i roughly made my self around 7/9 weeks when i had my scan i knew i was this far along because hubby had had hernia op 7 weeks prior, they told me i was around 5weeks but i sort of knew i was 2 weeks more because of the op they asked me to wait two weeks to rescan me i never made it i started to bleed dark coloured blood and lost all preg symptoms, and lost a lot of weight during the month before without any sickness.cla__sic blighted ovum symptoms. I was nearly 12 weeks when i m/c naturally and i would advise the d/c if all is not well when you see the dr again.Good luck either way.



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