Dr Says Wait 3 Cycles

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Jess - March 28

Well I have been all over every site there is about miscarriage and here is my question.. I had a m/c 3 weeks ago and went in today for a fallow up, yadda yadda he told me to wait atleast 3 cycles to get back in order. He is an older Dr. Late 50 early 60s. I have read that most Dr are saying wait 1 cycle before trying again. What is everyones thoughts. I had a missed miscarriage at 7.5 weeks and didn't find out until 10-11 weeks, does that make a difference. I don't want to wait that long. So what does everyone elses Dr have to say?


lanislee - March 28

Hi. My doctor is also that age and I had my m/c Feb. 28 and went in 2 weeks for my follow-up and he also told me wait 3 months. I was only about 6-7 weeks when mine happened. But I wonder if they say that because of their age. Now you hear of only waiting one cycle, not 3 months. I think we're just going to wait until I get my af and then try again. But we haven't been really using protection for the past couple weeks. I was wondering this same thing, so maybe if anyone has a younger doctor they could give some advice, good question!


Heather - March 29

My dr is in her late 20's maybe early 30's (very early 30's if so)... anyhow she said only one cycle is necessary for early miscarriages.


Jess - March 29

Thanks Ianislee and Heather. Its funny how one Dr says one thing and another will say something else. Ianislee you had you mc about 1 week before me, have you gotten your af yet? I hope I am not one of those that have to wait forever. I'm very impatient. My husband and I are waiting for 1 cycle but like you, we are not using protection. I get a little nervous of the prospect of getting pregnant before 1 cycle but I've heard it work out for some. I just went off the pill the beginning of Nov and had 1 cycle before I got pregnant so I am hopeing the same goes for this try. I"m afraid my Dr will get mad at me if I don't wait the 3 cycles though!


stacey - March 29

My dr. said that some drs believe anywhere from 1-3 cycles. He think one is enough. We didn't listen, and ttc anyway that first few weeks after m/c (waited 2 weeks and then tried). Anyway, it didn't happen and I am now in my next cycle- not sure if I am ovulating though. SIGH we'll see! Am actually glad that I didn't get pregnant right after m/c so I don't have to stress about it!


Heather - March 29

I'm a little peeved at my dr... When I asked her at my appt a couple weeks ago what would happen if we got pg before waiting for af. She said "nothing, you'd be fine"... Then when I started spotting & called to see if I counted that as af (taking clomid) the nurse said "we know there is an increased chance of having another m/c if you don't wait for one cycle"... I was like WHAT?! When I asked dr the week before she said NO... Now it's yes? ugh...


Jess - March 29

Heather- how long ago did you m/c? I read in a couple places that is you get pregnant before you 1st period the risk up m/c goes up an additional 1.5% on top of whatever % it was before. I don't understand all the % and statistics. All I know is that I feel very unlucky and what to do everything I can to make the 2nd one work. My dh and I don't drink, smoke, no caffine and I work out a couple times a week. On the other hand my sister in law and twin brother, smoked, drank and never exercised a lick in thier lives and now she is 3 months...mind you we got preg. at the same time. Ugh...like you said. This is suppose to be fun!


stacey - March 29

It is very frustrating as to why some lose their pregnancies and others don't! I couldn't help but think of that too! As far as chances of m/c again- one of my friends had a m/c got pregnant again and had a healthy boy! I am a firm believer that if your body isn't ready you won't get pregnant again (can't say about m/c again)


sarah - March 29

My doctor said wait 3 cycles too! They want to make sure your body is back on track before you go and get pregnant again.. Id wait just to make sure! THEN AGAIN.. Ive also heard of woman who are pgnt. the next month after M/C. so who knows..I agree with stacy if your bodys ready it will get pregnant. right?


Jess - March 29

Just answering your question. I haven't gotten af yet, but I'm hoping to get it within the next week or two because it has been a month(4 weeks) since my m/c. I had a few cramps today, so maybe that's a sign that it's coming. Well, good luck to you!


Liza - March 29

I had a miscarriage same as you, baby was 7.5 weeks but didnt find out till 10-11 week. My doctor said that I should wait 2 cycles. That seems reasonable.


Pat - March 31

I had a miscarriageMarch 22 (I was 8 weeks but baby measured 5). My doctor (in her mid 30's) said to wait until my blood levels are back to 0 and to pa__s one period. Then we can start trying again. Did you ask your doctor why you need to wait 3 months to ttc again? Once you get a period isn't that your body's way of telling you it's recovered and ready?


AmyF - March 31

My doctor told me 3 cycles too, but I think she was more leaning towards 'this is about how long it takes before you're emotionally ready'. Reading these threads, I started ttc after my first period (last month). Hopefully all is good- I am officially one day late today.


Michelle - March 31

My doc told me to wait 1 cycle before ttc again. So it varies between 1-3 cycles huh.


Angie - March 31

My dr. told me that the first three months after a miscarriage are the months you will probably be most fertile. So try try try.. thats what I'm gonna do.. baby dust to you all.


rachel - April 1

the world health organisations guidelines are to wait 3 months before trying to conceive after a miscarriage in the first trimester and the amount of months again after that ie 5 months for a miscarriage at 5 months and 9 months after a full term baby. Many women have become pregnant right after having a baby and had healthy babies the next time too it's just a guide so you have time to regain all nutrients that the foetus has taken from your body. this is as i said just a guide and personal to you only you know when you're ready i became pregnant before i had a period and am waiting an agonising time for a scan to find out how far along i am and if everything is alright. so for your sanity i'd say wait at least one cycle :) hope it helps


Pat - April 1

When I first miscarried (March) I didn't feel like I wanted to try again soon. I thought summer might be a good time. But now, I feel differently. I feel better about things now. Even though it was a devastating experience, I'm ready to go at it again. After reading your posts, I'm counting the days till my next period and then the baby making sessions are going to begin!!



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