Ectopic And Miscarriage At Same Time

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theghostsshadow - January 26

Hello. My name is Kristi and I have been searching all over the net to find some people with my same situation. I have a 3 year old named Skylar and she is beautiful. My husband and I decided after I lost my job that we could have another baby since I had some down time now. So October 4th out went the NuvaRing and I was ready and excitied, since this one would be planned. So two days later I got my period and agian October 31st. The near Thanksgiving I started getting light headed and started wondering. So three days later I took a pregnancy test and there was a dark horizontal line and a light vertical line. So i was confused. So I took another one and the same thing, So I went to the store and got the digital Pregnant or NotPregnant and yep pregnant. Yaaaa. Then December 7th after intercourse I started bleeding and I called my friend who is and OBGYN and she said its ok. The Dec 8 I started feeling crampy but not bad and started resting. Dec 9th I woke up to bad pain and couldnt figure out exactly what it was and thought I needed a bowel movement and took some exlax. That didnt work so I called the doctor and went in and had a hcg test. They also did an ultrasound and found an embryo in the uterus. They said all looks good. That evening I went to the emergency room and waited for two hours and then the nurse told me it would be another three hours to see a doctor so I left. Dec 10th still in pain and went to a regular doctor who did an exam and said he tought I was having a miscarriage. So feeling down agian. Blood tests said levels were 1300. Called my OBGYN and had another test. He said he didnt think i was having a miscarrige because they didnt hurt that bad. Dec test said 2000. Felt a little better then down, I was dying. Went to the ER agian and got admitted. Had another ultrasound and no embryo..gone...Then the doctors came in and I went into emergency surgery. I had an Ectopic Pregnancy. So I had ruptured my right fallopian tube and was internally bleeding for awhile. Well the pictures showed alot of blood in my abdomen. I lost my right tube. Then I was told I had an Ectopic Pregnancy which caused my miscarriage at the same time. I should have decided to play the lottery, I think my odds would have been better. I was wondering if anyone has had this or heard of this or just what your thought are. I;m going to try agian. although I am gun shy and so is my husband. My one doctor said it was my husbands fault cause he had agressive sperm.....I think he drinks too much MT.DEW. lol...anyhow. thank you for reading this...


leila4444 - January 30

I was almost 6 weeks when i started bleeding on a friday at 1 am. called sos health, they said to lie down until and to stay calme, called my doctor on sat morning when bleeding had increased. she said the same thing not to wory and relax. VERY frustrating when you don't know whats going on. Monday morning i saw a clog come out so i went to the er. Did blood test and ultra-sound. they said the baby was lost and found nothing in my uterus. I had more blood test to do on wednesday to make sure my hormone level had gone down. so went for blood test on wed. and back for my results on thursday. thurs. morn. I started haveing enormous pain in my lower stomach, by the time i was in the doctors office the pain had gotten to an intolerable point. couldn't imagine it would get worst. The doctor said my hormones had gone up and that wans't normal, they put me back in the waiting room to see the gyno. which was on call that day, only arrived at 3 pm. during this time I though ui would die of pain, had never felt anything close to that much pain. started throwing up they gave me gravel it calmed me a little. then they did 2 ultra-sounds one outside and one inside. they one outside you urine has to be full and then they make you pee b4 they go inside, but they made me pee in a pot in the bed because i was plugged by hydrating solution. and in that pot it all came out, the placenta and everything iside , they send it to the lab. so when i finaly got to see the gyno, i was told i had an ectopic pregnancy and that i was very lucky to misscarry it on my own. It is extremly rare, less than 5 % usually i would have had surgery. NOw i can not find any info on this because its vaery uncommon and i would really like to know if my cilia could be damaged and what are my changes of concieving again soon and also are my risks higher of it happening again since i didnt get surgery. I found out smoking can be at cause i never smoked pregangt but i didn b4, i started again on monday if i stop now how long b4 my celia gets back to normal. IM so scared and lost and want to be a mother more than anything in the world, have no children yet , and we had been trying since july. wish someone had answers for me..:(


colinzmom - February 10

Wow. I am approx 5 weeks preg and my OB thinks I might be ectopic and im scared, b/c my husb and I are trying to have another child. We have a 6 yr old who was 5 wks premature, but otherwise we had a healthy pregnancy. I am scared that this might happen to me. Any thoughts or helps. O hope that things work out for you. The odds of this happening again are supposed to be less than 15%, though the odds of this happening in ht efirst place are less then 10%.. How that helps, I dont know!


theghostsshadow - February 11

well the only thing i can say is get on the doctors case to fix it because if it ruptures it puts your life at risk and you will feel it. I swear it hurt worse then pregnancy and I had a 22 hour labor with my daughter but this pain lasted for 4 days. You could also lose your fallopian tube so make sure they are watching you carefully.


bbonita - February 16

Are they thinking you had two different embryos? One is uterus and one in tube and the one in the tube caused the other to miscarry. i am alittle confused.


theghostsshadow - February 16

that is excatly right. I had one in the tube and one in the uterus and when the one in the tube ruptured for four days it made the other one miscarry. but at the time they thought there was only one.


bbonita - February 17

Wow. I am so sorry for your losses. I just suffered from an ectopic pregnancy feb. 8. I was 6 weeks along. I am having a hard time dealing with that so i know what you are going through. Be thankful that you already have 1 child. This was my first try and i am so scared to even try again now.


theghostsshadow - February 17

Ya I had one bad day that I cried alot because I felt that I killed my baby because they basically ripped it out of me and slapped it on the table. gone... anyhow. Just because I have a child doesnt mean that losing one is any easier. A child is a child is a child. I lost two at once but I can try agian and I am.


theghostsshadow - March 8

Well I found out yesterday that I am pregnant agian. I cried alot because I am scared agian. I dont think I can go through all this agian. My other two friends are pregnant and we are all due within two weeks of each other. But they are happy. I am having some cramping and I cant remember what is normal because I think everything is abnormal. I saw the doctor last week before I knew and he said I was about a 1 in 30,000 chance that it happened and he only saw one other person like me in his career. So tomorow at 9:00 am I will be ready for some tests to find out if this one is in the right spot or not.


theghostsshadow - March 9

Well I went today and the doctor said uterus is thick which it was last time and come back wednesday. That they cant tell where it is till 6 weeks but they can guess, which bothers me because my falopian tube exploded last time at 6 weeks. So i guess I just wait.


bbonita - March 9

You will be in my prayers okay. Just stay positive for the baby if you are pregnant. I know it is hard. I just decided that we are going to start trying at the end of this year. I know that I will be so scared, but I want kids badly!


theghostsshadow - March 12

Well My Hcg levels were 271 on Monday and 648 on Wednesday but i am reading about other peoples on here ad they seem to be much higher than mine. I get tested agian on Monday and then another sonogram i guess. I think im getting mean with people but i am freaking out and it sems like no one cares.


bbonita - March 12

I think that everything will be okay. Your levels are more than doubling which means that the pregnancy is progressing. I would be worried if they were dropping. Meanness is a part of being pregnant. Your horomones are going crazy. Just keep us updated and good luck. Thinking of you.


bbonita - March 18

Hey Kristi. I was just poppig in to see how everything went at your last appointment. Thinking of you and wishing you the best.


theghostsshadow - March 18

My levels were 1748 on Friday. Which is good. I found out I had a heterotopic pregnancy. Definition: Simultaneous development of a gestation within the uterine cavity and a gestation outside the uterine cavity. So now I have a term I guess. You can search online if anyone wants more info. bbonita, thank you for caring. My friend had a miscarriage on Sunday and I was trying to stay away from the internet.


theghostsshadow - March 18

Oh and I have an ultrasound on Friday so I will know more then.


bbonita - March 18

I am sorry about your friend. It is good she has someone like you for support. None of my close friends has ever experienced a miscarriage or anything so they don't really understand what I am going through. I can't wait to start trying to have kids. I still have not had a normal period since my surgery. It has been almost 6 weeks now. I want so bad to feel normal so that I know I am okay!



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