Ectopic Anyone Have A Dye Test Done

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TARA - June 22

I had a ectopic pregnancy at 8 weeks and had my left tube removed and almost lost my life.I have 2 wonderful kids now. My husband and i were trying for 2 years to have the baby we lost so sadly.We really want to try again but we are scared.I have been reading about getting the dye test done to check the other tube to see if it is o.k is that a good idea?Will it work?How is it done ? Is ther any other way? so many questions HELP...?


mandy - June 25

hi tara.. i had an eptopic not long ago and im going to have the dye test done its called a hycosey or a hysterosalpingogram. long word! and yes it will help because the you wont put your self at risk of an other eptopic. im due to have this done next month. will let you know how i got on and tell you what its like. go to the doctors and tell him you want this done. All the best...


Tara - June 25

hi mandy.Thank -you i will tell my doctor i would like to have one done once i'm up to it.I would love to hear from you after you get it done to no what its like.Thanks again


Kristin - June 26

Hi Tara, and Mandy - I had the HSG done in May. It's not that big of a deal as far as pain goes - just embara__sing because you have to sit there in stirrups for awhile. It's done in the radiology dept at the hospital. They put in a tube then b__w it up and inject the dye. You can watch the screen and actually see the dye enter, fill up the uterus and go out through the tubes. It's actually pretty cool. They had me lay there for a few mintues and then I got dressed and went home with no after effects at all. They say that you are extremely fertile for up to 3 months after you have the test too. Good luck!


Tara - June 26

Hi Kristin Thank-you for letting me no how yours went its good news to hear!


Ann - June 26

Hi Tara - I had the dye test done in January. It was not bad. A little discomfort during it, but no effects after. Also, like Kristin said, you can see right away if there is a blockage. I did get pregnant right after, but then m/c. I have heard that many people get pg right after(and have great pregnancies). Good luck!


mandy - June 27

hi all, thanks for letting us know and i will keep you posted on how i get on as well. hope yours goes well tara! x


Jenn - June 28

Hi everyone, I had an eptopic pregancy and was 7 weeks along and was operated on Mother's Day Weekend. I fortunately got to keep both tubes. I had the HSG test done on June 17th. It was exactly as Kristin described it - I went in to the hospital - had the test done and was back home within an hour. There is some cramping from the dye being injected in but it feels like when you get your period. Once the the test is done - there was no discomfort at all - I went home and went shopping. I had no scar tissue and was told to start ttc when I was ready. It's a great test to have - before you ttc you should be sure there is no scar tissue. If there is, they can bypa__s the ttc process and take your egg and your husbands sperm and implant it right into your uterus. Best of luck.


Tara - June 28

Thank-you everyone for letting me no more about the HSG test you all have been great help.


mandy - June 29

hi jenn.. can they really do that use egg and sperm and put it straght in the uterus?? could you tell me more about this? or a web site about it? if not dont worrie. thanks for telling us.... all the best...


Jenn - June 29

Mandy - when I had the eptopic the doctor told me that once you've had an eptopic pregnancy your % of having another goes up - I panicked and after being on deaths door and going through the surgery I talked about adopting. My doctor had told me to wait to see about the HSG test and to see if there is any scarring. I told her I was deathly afraid of going through it again. She said IVF was another option for me - they would take my eggs and my husbands sperm and bypa__s the natural way and go straight to the uterus. You should ask your doctor about it - of course, you could have multiple births and from what I understand extracting the eggs is very uncomfortable but implanting is not. Let me know how you make out.


mandy - June 29

hi jenn.. i have to phone the hospital on the first day of my period and they will do that test when im in mid cycle so i can imagine i will have it done in about 3 weeks. will come back and let you know what happend! yes i will talk to my doctor about what you said. I didnt know you could do that i thought you needed at least one tube for ivf to work. so thanks very much for telling that.well you never know my other tube might be ok? fingers crossed!! X P.S are you trying again?


Jenn - June 29

Mandy, my suggestion would be if you have one good tube then go the normal route - but see what happens with the dye test first. If there is scar tissue then the chance of another eptopic is greater. I'll be checking the website regularly so keep me posted and I wish you all the best. Yes, we are trying again. I'm scared to death but I'm also 36 years old so my clock is ticking. I only hope that when I get pregnant again everything goes well. It's an emotional rollercoaster which I'm sure you feel too. The dye test is done 6-10 days following the first day of your period. So make sure to call for that appt. right away. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


mandy - June 29

jenn... thanks and i will defantly let you know! im due on my period next week so thats when i will ring them. And good luck to you trying again. X


Nancy - June 29

Tara, I also had an ectopic and had surgery to have my right tube removed. I talked to my Dr. about 3 months later and asked him about the test. He told me not to chance it with the dye because you run a risk of messing up the tube. He said you can get an infection from the dye. He said to just ttc and if I did concieve they were just going to check my hcg levels every 2 days until I am out of the woods.


mandy - June 30

nancy.. i wouldnt risk NOT having that dye test done. you dont want the risk of having another eptopic! and losing the left tube as well? 100s of ladys have had this test done and ive never herd it might wreck the tube. i dont think they would do it if they really thought it would mess the tube up.ok its all well and good them cheaking your hcgs evey 2 days but mine dubbled every 2 days for weeks! i defentley would not try again untill ive had this test done. All the best...


Jenn - June 30

Nancy, what your doctor is telling you is not true. When you make an appt. for the dye test they give you antibiotics - you take a pill 2x a day the day before the test, the day of the test and the day after the test - this is to PREVENT infection. I'm with Mandy. Have the HSG test done - you're at more risk of having another eptopic than you are an infection. Good luck.



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