Ectopic Pregnacy Or Miscarriage

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me - July 30

I had my pregnancy confirmed at the doctor’s office on Monday. My HCG levels were 200. This was approx. 4 weeks after my Lmp. On Wednesday, they retested and my HCG levels were 320. Last night (Fri.) I went to the hospital with incredible cramping in my lower abdomen on the left side. I also had dark brownish discharge but, only when I wiped. The doctor retested my HCG and my levels were 395. Apparently way too low. I have to go back on Sunday to determine to do more blood work. I guess the doctor wants to see if the numbers are going down. Since I am not bleeding, and the pain was so intense, how do I know if this is a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy? Has anyone else experienced anything like this??? thanks..


sandy - August 24

i think im experiencing the same. i found out i was pregant 6 weks ago i must of down about 10 ten tests all positive! i had the same brown spottinge and bad period type pains and went for a scan. the doc said there was no pregnacy in the womb but he saw a shadow on the scan and said it was eptopic. they did some blood tests and said as my hormone levels were only 45 i could go hone but i have to go back tomor and the day after for more blood tests. since coming home yesterday i have been bleeding, not loads but red blood this time, im not sure if this is normal and my bodys way of getting rid of the pregnany. I would really apreciate any info as im not sure what to expect im now not sure if it was eptopic or if ive just has a very slow mildish miscarraige. the spotting etc had been happening for 7 days so as i was only probably about 5weeks was this a miscarriage? i had lots of cramping and pains i wouldnt say they were severe but they were constant. your experience sounds very similar so i was hoping you could tell me what to expect next and when i will be back to normal. many thanks [email protected]


Kris - August 24

I just responded on the other thread too. I've had two of them. HCG level's should be doubling every 2-3 days. If they aren't then either miscarriage is coming or ectopic. With ectopics they will go up and down, or just go up, but not doubling. Dark brown discharge and pain sounds like ectopic to me. If the pain changes from cramping to a sharp pinching/burning like pain get to ER right away. My first one ruptured and I almost died. Second one was resolved with a shot of Methotrexate.


starlyght24 - September 10

About HCG levels and ectopic..... I just had an ectopic 4 weeks ago which required surgery due to a ruptured tube and I also need 2 blood transfusions. 3 days after I missed my period I start spotting bright red blood. It only last 4 days. I went in to take hcg test regularly. My first one was 25.5 it then went up to 47.5, the next one went up to 98.3. The drs told me that everything was looking good because the numbers were doubling and the bleeding stopped. Well wouldnt you know 3 weeks later I was in the ER with my blood pressure only being 87/44 due to internal bleeding from the ruptured tube. I had no v____al bleeding. I just wanted to let you know that in strange circ_mstances your hcg levels can be doubling. I had morning sickness, gained weight, veiny b___sts etc. I had all the symptoms of a normal pregnancy it just implanted in the wrong spot.


Andrea - September 30

Yes, I just recently experianced that, only I went into the hospital for food poisining. I have an ectopic pregnancy. They told me I was pregnate, and then that it was an ectopic pregnacy, and that they would have to terminate it. Have an ultrasound done. It is the only way for them to be sure. ULTRASOUND!!!!


js - October 1

Ultrasound... YEAH RIGHT!!! You can have one all day long but if you have an idiot doing the scan it ain't gonna do you any good. I had an ultrasound done and was told everything was normal and I wasn't pregnant. I was sent home over the weekend. Tuesday I was in so much figgin pain it was the worst I ever felt. My tube burst and I was bleeding internally. I almost DIED because of an ultrasound. Make sure the person knows what the heck they are doing...


Tracy - October 7

I too had an ectopic only my levels were 16,000 4 weeks after my lmp. I didn't have any bleeding but I insisted on an ultrasound a week and a half later. The doctor was present and was very confused as low levels are usually present with ectopic. He spotted a ma__s in my right tube and it was starting to break through. I was rushed into surgery and they had to remove the tube. I was only 5 weeks along. I don't know why some doctors wait when pain is involved!


charity - October 7

my friend is nurse, she said when she was pregnant on her first child, she had brownish discharge for three days and had lower back pains..she thought she's gonna have a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy but fortunately everything went ok and her child is 23 years old now..


Elona - October 17

I had an ectopic pregnancy last year. I had the same problems as you - also lightheaded, and nauseated. My HCG levels kept going up, but very slowly. In a normal pregnancy they're supposed to double every day until they get really high. I had to keep going back to the doctor every few days to check my HCG levels, until the doctor was sure they weren't going up fast enough. We scheduled surgery, but as I was leaving the office I had to go to the bathroom. But going number 2 was so painful I knew we couldn't wait. The doc did an emergency laparoscopy right away. I recovered fine (I hope - I don't know about scars internally). Keep us posted on your pregnancy. The hardest part is having to wait when you know you are pregnant, and wondering if something is wrong. Discharge can be there with normal pregnancies, but a lot of pain in the abdomen with bleeding is BAD. Get all the tests - blood, ultrasound- especially if you feel like something is wrong.



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