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cbella - April 1

I have just found out that my 1st pregnancy has ended as a result of being ectopic (tubal). I wondered if anyone else has had this problem and if you could share your experiences. I have already had a DNC (which found no pregnancy tissue) and my dr has recommended an injection of methotrexate if my levels do not decline as they should. Has anyone had this injection? I'm surprisingly OK with the idea of what has happened to me and my baby (though it was not easy-don't get me wrong) but I am anxious to ttc again soon. Any success stories?


Jody - April 1

Hi cbella- I was treated in Aug 2005 with methotrexate. They don't know 100% if mine was tubal though. I had a miscarriage and my levels continued to rise. This drug helped to bring my levels down. It took approx 3 weeks. You need to wait 2-3 cycles before conceiving again!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!! This drug is powerful and may harm a fetus if you get pregnant again.There is side effects as well- hair loss, cramping, and feeling sick. I got my period 28 days after my miscarriage. I tried to conceive again starting in November. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant now and everything is looking great!!!


babytwo - April 2

CBELLA - I have suffered 2 m/c in the last 3 months and FINALLY thought we got it right. On Tuesday we went for our 6 1/2 week scan to be told they could not see a baby. I had mild brown spotting for the duration but really no other symptoms that anything was wrong. After the scan the GP checked my HCG's to test if I was earlier than thought. They were over 3000 when the results came in but I told my GP that I had bled overnight so he sent me to the OB/GYN who to our luck wanted to see me that day (if they did not we would currently think that we were 7 1/2 weeks). His scan revealed a pregnancy in my right tube. Given that I had bled overnight and that there was no baby in the sac he thought I was m/c naturally and rechecked my HCG. I stopped bleeding that day BEFORE the scan (so less than 24 hr bleed). My HCG levels went down to about 2000. He then advised that it appeared I was m/c naturally and felt that it should reabsorb. He is also of the opinion that at least my last m/c was an early ectopic due to the symptoms. Anyway I have not bled since then and my pregnancy symptoms are continuing. He will not give me the shot as I am already m/c naturally and if it does not pa__s it is unlikely that the shot will a__sist any further. I obviously am concerned that I will now need surgery on Tuesday. Will wait and see and will let you know. But what I guess I am trying to say is that the shot is important to ensure that you naturally pa__s the tissue, if not it can remain and eventually rupture. Enter ectopic in GOOGLE there are a couple of support group sites with real life stories. Many of these involve women who have gone on to have successful pregancies - even after a rupture. Best of luck. Let us know what happens and I will do the same.


cbella - April 2

Thank you ladies for your input. Jody I'm so happy to hear that everything is looking great! And Babytwo, our stories are very similar, except the dr's can not see anything in my tubes (as of last scan on Tuesday). And also my levels never made it past 300. I had another blood test yesterday and will get results tomorrow. From that I should know if I am pa__sing things naturally or if I will need the shot. I have been bleeding consistantly since my DNC last Wednesday, not heavy just consistant. From charting I know that I ovulated on 2/28/06 which would put me at 4w1d past ovulation on the day of my DNC. The way the dr.s calculated it added an extra 3 weeks. I am hoping that this is to my benefit, meaning I was much earlier than calculated and that my body can take care of it naturally. Thank you BABYTWO for the google info...what a great site I came across! Let us know about Tues. I will be thinking of you!


cbella - April 3

Quick update...I talked to my dr today and my levels are going down! It's kind of strange to think that just last week I was praying they would go up, and now it's the opposite. But I am so relieved that I will not have to have the methotrexate injection for the simple fact that we can ttc sooner. I began pa__sing small clots and/or tissue yesterday and my temp finally went down which makes me really feel this is happening naturally. My levels will continue to be monitored though until they reach zero. Good luck tomorrow BABYTWO.


kristi29 - April 4

Hi ladies. I have a success story after having a ruptured tubal. I was 6 weeks pg at the time and had to have emergency surgery to remove my left tube since it had already ruptured. That was 11/28/05. On January 1st we got the okay to start ttc and I got pregnant in January (with only 1 tube) and am now 3 months pregnant. I'm sorry that you have to go through this, but know that there are lots of success stories out there like mine. BABYTWO - I hope that everything has pa__sed naturally and that you don't have to have surgery. Please keep us updated.


babytwo - April 6

I had to spend a night in hospital and was in too much pain yesterday to sit down. Unfortunately my news is not good and they could not save my right tube. I am so angry - you see what happened was that the dr took another HCG quant on Tuesday and requested urgent results due to my pain. They came back that afternoon as less than 2 which was great. The next morning my dr arrives at work and there is another fax from the lab saying to disregard the previous results and that my HCG was in fact 2750 which was an INCREASE of 750. That is when he called me to come to hospital right away. Unfortunately my tube had started to rupture and could not be saved. The dr has made an offical compliant to the blood lab due to the risk I was placed in as he would have performed the surgery the day earlier if he had known the correct results and who knows perhaps the tube could have been saved. That is too many could have and should haves and I suppose I must just accept what has happened. The GOOD news is that my left tube and ovary are in great condition so we should still be able to conceive naturally although I may not be fertile every month. We will wait for two months but in the mean time I will definately be charting to see what happens with my cycles. Thanks everyone for your thoughts it does mean a lot to me. Everyone has been great here as well. I got flowers from both my work and DH's work as well as my parents. I am now off work until at least next Thursday. The pain is a little better today and DH is being a fantastic nurse for me. KIRSTIE - Your words bring me so much encouragement. We will be ttc again in June.


babytwo - April 6

Sorry about typo I meant KRISTI.


kristi29 - April 7

babytwo - I am so sorry that they had to remove your tube, but please don't give up hope. I started charting again as soon as AF came and I think that was a good idea. The good news for you is that you have a healthy tube and ovary and you are not at a higher risk to have another tubal since they removed the "bad" tube. I hope that you feel better soon. Please keep in touch.



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