Ectopic Pregnancy 2 6 06

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July23bride - February 12

Well I just found out I had and tube pregnancy and I had to have a tube removed (right one) Now I'm sitting here worried about how do I know when It's time for me to Try to Conceive. I'm going through the emotional thing now about why did this have to happen to me and is there something wrong with my body. I have so many thoughts going through my head and I dont think my husband understands what it is that I'm so sad about. I know he tries to be there and he's a wonderful man but when I bring up the issue he says that I need to trust in God and have faith. I know I do and I know that God can make anything happen, but I'm scared. I really am. Is there any one there that has had and ectopic preg and has had a baby after it? Shana


kittiekitten - February 12

hi, i am very very sorry for your loss! i myself had my left tube removed last may. i have yet to have a child (m/c in dec) but i have not given up hope. i personally didnt want to ttc again until after the drs said it was ok (3 cycles) bc after surgery your body really needs to heal. just because i had a m/c does not mean a m/c always happens i need to remind you. i know of many women who have had a tube removed and went on and had healthy pregnancies. you can not beat yourself up over this, it was not your fault. did the drs say why they thought u had an ectopic pregnancy? i wish you the best of luck and if u would like to talk im here to help. kittie


jas - February 12

Yes... I have - or at least am getting ready to (I am 33 weeks but with other problems). 4 years ago I had an ectopic and lost my right tube. It took a few months for my cycles to regulate and then a few years to get pregnant. Honestly, after the ectopic we gave up hope. Your dh is right - trust in God. I know it's hard as it was very hard for me. Give yourself time to heal - physically, and emotionally and spiritually. I always hated the saying "things happen for a reason - we just aren't meant to know all the reasons". Not sure if I hated it because I wanted to know the reasons or because more often then not that saying turned out to be true when I did know the reasons. Ectopic pregnancies are toughie ones that no one really knows what causes them - I don't think there is anything wrong with you, me or anyone else who goes through this. I wish you the best of luck and you will be in my prayers.


kristi29 - February 13

Hi. I am so sorry for your loss. I know first hand what you are going through.I am here to give you hope though!! I too had a tubal pregnancy and had to have my left tube removed on 11/28/05. I went to the dr. on 1/5/06 for my follow-up and he did an exam as said that my body was healed and that as soon as I had my first cycle (which I started later that day) that we could go ahead and ttc. We did and the first time we tried in January I got pregnant!!! I couldn't believe it! I am now 5 wks 4 days pregnant. As soon as I got my BFP I went to the dr. to have my HCG levels checked and then I went every 3 days so they could make sure that they were going up. They more than tripled each time which my dr. was very happy about. I had my first U/S done last Tuesday and they were able to see the gestational sac IN THE UTERUS!! I go back for another U/S tomorrow to see the baby and again the following Tuesday to see the heartbeat. My doctor is being very cautious this time. I know it is hard, my husband didn't understand at all either. I am so glad that I had my mother to help me get through it. Men just don't get it and we can't really blame them for it. Talk to your dr. and make sure that the next time you get pregnant that they start checking your HCG levels as soon as possible. I hope I was able to help you. May God bless you!!


July23bride - February 14

I want to thank u ladies for giving me hope. Kristi29 you are truly a testimony. I pray that ours goes that smoothe. I'm getting better day by day and now that I've had advice from the three of you(Kittiekitten, Jas ,and Kristi29) I feel better about things I know if it can happen to the three of you it can also happen to me. Thanks again Shana



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