Ectopic Pregnancy Last Year Pregnant Again

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Elona - October 17

If you've had an ectopic pregnancy already, and had a laparoscopy, does that increase the odds that you could have another ectopic pregnancy? I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant again and I'm worried about having another ectopic one.


Heather - October 18

Hi Elona i suffered an ectopic this time last year and had a laparoscopy i was told by the doctor that my chance where alot higher of another ectopic i was also told that if i was pregnant again to go to my doctors as soon as possible so they could send me for an early scan to make sure the pregnancy is in the right place i did get pregnant again 6 months later and everything was in the right place unfortunatly i lost my pregnancy in the second trimester this was nothing to do with the ectopic i was just unlucky we've started trying again. good luck


Allie - October 18

I am pregnant again after an ectropic 7 months ago (ruptured, lost tube, etc). I am 5 weeks, had my first scan today. We saw what "might" have been the beginnings of the sac, but she said it is too early...I go back in two weeks for another scan, and in the meantime we are checking the hormone levels to make sure they are doubling. I'm nervous, but trying to be optomistic...we really want this baby! Last time aruond I was bleeding throughout, and so far no spotting this time. Make sure you go in right away (to a good dr)!


elyse - October 19

Hi Elona, go to the doctor for an ultrasound as soon as possible . Ive had two mc's last one was ectopic not sure about the 1st. Iam pregnant again and had an ultrasound at 5wks to make sure my tubes were clear. This time there is a gestastional sac in my uterus I go back in two days and I am praying for a fetal heartbeat. Take it easy until you know for sure that its not ectopic.


Elona - October 20

Thank you all for your replies. Heather I'm sorry you lost your baby again. Everyone told me I should be glad they caught my ectopic pregnancy, but I was still sad that I'd lost a baby. Good luck to all of you!


Elona - October 20

BTW - I'm not sure whether my period is VERY late, or if I'm miscarrying. I would just b__w it off, but I'm RH neg. Anyone else have this problem? Should I see a doc anyway or am I just being paranoid? How do you tell from a very late period & early miscarriage?



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