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cristy123 - June 9

I just went to my first doctors appointment last Thursday....by my LMP I am 10 weeks but wen they did the va___al u/s the did not see a baby they also said they saw some blood in the sac and the I was measuring only 6 weeks....I went back today for some blood test to see how my hcg level is and then he will do another u/s and depending on that I might have to have a D&C...this is so strange to me this is my 4th pregnancy and I have never heard of something like this....I am very confused I don't even know what to think at this point...


jenn W - June 10

Cristy, I'm not sure if it is the same thing, but I had a blighted ovum a few months ago. I had a sac, but a fetus never grew. My doctor told me that 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage and about 20% are usually due to a blighted ovum. He said your body doesn't form a fetus because something isn't right. So, as sad as it is, it is for the best. With that being said, I'm sure right now you could care less about the medical stuff and your just confused and upset. If you want to chat, I'm here. I'm keeping you in my thoughts. Jenn


mariselaTX - June 10

Cristy for the pa__s three weeks I have been dealing with an empty sak. This is my thrid pregnancy. My b___st are swollen, I am nauseated. I feel so pregnant. But yesterday I was daignosed with a blighted ovum. Like Jenn said the fetus does not form but the placenta does. I am 10wks and scheduled for a D&C tomorrow. The Dr. said it would be very painful to miscarry naturally. My blood levels are high, very high so he knew they should see a heartbeat by now. I feel for you. It is confusing and strange, but please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. We are lucky we have beautiful children. The good side is my Dr. said this is usually just a once time occurance, it just was not a good pregnancy so the fetus never forms beyond 5 weeks. I had three sonograms and everytime I was hoping for something. I found great information on the internet to help me understand why this happens. Please know I am with you right now. Take care and know you are not alone. Marisela


decbaby - June 10

hey cristy, im so sorry for what you are going through i know how confusing this must be its just so hard to comprehand how some one could be pregnant yet there is not fetus believe me i know i had a miscarraige last month b/c of a belighted oveum and i too was just sooo confused and lost. this was my first pregnancy and i was sure that there was something wrong with me before i read that a lot of women had the same type of miscarragie event though they have given birth before to healthy babies so you keep on holding strong and you will be blessed with another baby you have living proof that you can do it. so good luck and i hope that this fourm will help you get through those hard times.


cristy123 - June 11

Thank you guys so much for the information ....the doctor's office just called me and said my HCG are going down and the give an appointment for tomorrow morning...I have been cramping but no bleeding...so I'm just very upset and scared right now....


mariselaTX - June 12

Cristy Hang in there. I had my d&c yesterday. I am starting to heal and to be very honest after the crying and disappointment. I know feel I can move on. The Doctor said we can start trying again in 3 months. My heart still hearts but I have my kids to keep me busy and future plans for another baby. I understand your fears I too had them, but know you are in thoughts and prayers. You did nothing wrong this was out of your control this was mother nature. Take care rest and let your family take of you - you deserve it. Marisela


decbaby - June 12

hey cristy, my heart goes to you and i wish you all the best with your d& c dont worry hopefully every thing will turn out fine and you will be ttc agian in no time and keep coming back to the forum for support as it will help you a lot it sure helped me. also be rest a__sured that you are not alone all the almost all the ladies here have been through similar situations and can help you alot. best wishes to you and you family. Marisela im soo sorry for you hon but its refreshing to see you have a positive outlook on things and i hope that you too will be blessed soon with a healthy baby, baby wishes to you all and me.


Lexxy - June 13

Hello ladies, I too was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at the beginning of May – the 2 weeks between the first and second ultrasound were torture, my doctor wanted to wait and see if we were just off on the timing before taking any action, and I can say that I have never felt so low in my life. CRISTY123, my thoughts go out to you during this hard time - the most important thing for me was to take the time to be sad and grieve for this loss. My doctor was not very supportive, so I tried hard to keep my thoughts positive and I am lucky to have a very supportive and understanding husband. Take the time after the D&C to rest, don’t overdo it. I had a D&C on May 15th and I bled for 2.5 weeks and spotted for another week or more on top of that. Only now am I starting to think about moving on and trying again, but like you DECBABY, this was our first and we were so excited. I am scared now that when we do get pregnant again I will spend the first 12 weeks on edge and stressed at every change in my body. I am currently waiting for AF to arrive – I read somewhere that you must have 20 days free of bleeding in order to have a real AF – has anyone else heard this? I saw 2 doctors when I was first diagnosed and one told me to wait 3 cycles, the other said it was fine to try again as long as I have one cycle - I am really unsure what advice to follow – I guess when it’s right I will know.



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