Empty Sac Blighted Ovum

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Karen2424 - January 13

This past Sept. I had a miscarriage. I was only about 5 weeks. When I started spotting/cramping, the doc took an u/s and nothing was seen in the sac. Since the bleeding/cramps got worse, I had the D&C. I got pregnant again the weekend of Dec. 2. I know I was ovulating because I took a test and it showed that I was. When I went for my u/s for this pregnancy last Wed, again there was a sac but nothing in it. I took two blood tests and the doc said my levels were rising. I have no idea of the exact numbers. I asked my doc if I should go for more blood tests but he said that would not make a difference. I am scheduled for an u/s this upcoming Thurs and I am praying that we will see something. I am only about 7 weeks pregnant, is it too early to see something? Also, if this is the 2nd time that this has happened, does it mean it will happen again? Also, should I still be testing my levels? I just turned 35 last August and wish I would have started earlier. I am really depressed and waiting this week for the next u/s is excruciating. I am dreading to have to do another d&c. I found it to be painful and one of the worst things I ever had to go through. I still have nausea and tiredness. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks


sharerc - January 13

I had a empty sac and D & C in Nov. I too had a rise in my HCG level. I was going in at least once a week to check and most of the time twice a week (for 3 weeks straight). There were some concerns when I went in at 5 weeks and that is why I continued checking everything. The doctor was confused because my levels continued to go up so much. So, if/when I get pregnant again I won't harp on the levels that much. I had so much hope because the levels were going up all the time. Check on line at some sites and look at what a 5 weeks u/s should look like. That will give you an idea and you can compare you last u/s to that. Mine looked nothing like the pics I saw on the internet. I wish you luck!



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