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Jenner - January 17

Has anyone ever had endometriosis and if so how were you diagnosed with it? I have been having trouble getting pregnant and I finally did and miscarried. I sometimes have pain during intercourse and with the trouble getting pregnant, could I possibly have endometriosis?


Kristi - January 17

Hi Jennifer. I am sorry for your loss. I have endometriosis and was 1st diagnosed when I went in for terrible menstrual cramps. That was in 1995. Since then I have had 3 laparoscopies. I did have pain during intercourse, but the worst pain was in my lower back. When I have that pain, I know it is back. I was able to get pregnant, but it was ectopic and had to have a laparoscopy to remove the baby along with my left tube. Endometriosis can definitely cause infertility. My doctor did not think that that is what caused me to have an ectopic pregnancy though, although you are at higher risk for it with endo.


Suebee - January 17

Hi Jenner, My sister-in-law has endometriosis. Not sure how she was diagnosed with it but what I can tell you is that her baby girl just turned 1 in September and she's pregnant with her second due in July. So I guess some women with endo can still have successful pregnancies. Hope this helps and good luck.


dancingdolling - January 17

Hi jenner, I have endometriosis, I was diagnosed at 15 when I had terrible cramps that were unstoppable my over the counter pain killers. I went untreated for 5 years 'cause my mother didn't want me on birth control at such a young age. I got pregnant over the summer but I had 5 negative unrine tests and a negative blood test. Regardless, I miscarried at 2 months. About endometriosis: It's a 'disease' where the lining of your uterus (endometrium tissue) grows outside of the uterus. could cause heavier periods due to the thicker lining, or it can grow into and around the fallopian tubes and even onto and around the ovaries, in some cases it grows on other organs like the stomach and whatnot. Endometriosis is painful during periods and in my case ovulation (I feel myself ovulate). I'd see your doctor.


Kim - January 18

Hi Jenner: I also have endometriosis, diagnosed 10 years ago at age 15. I had 1 laparscopy and miraculously, never had any problems with it again after going off of birth control at age 20 when I got married. I started trying for a baby in May and got pregnant right away. Miscarried in July. Got pregnant in September, miscarried again in November. So i haven't had the fertility problems a__sociated with it. I've grilled my doctor and she says it has nothing to do with miscarriages. Ectopics I'm not sure about. I suppose if you have scar tissue from the endo in your fallopian tubes, it could prevent the egg from getting to where it needs to be, making your risk for ectopic higher. But having a laparscopy done to clean things out could help, and I'm not sure what other medications they might offer you. Definitely check with your doctor and make a plan. I hope you have success on your next attempt...



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