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TanyaLeigh - December 8

I went to the ER with very bad cramps but no bleeding. They did an U/S and said it was a tubal and the Hcg levels were at 3481 this was on a Tuesday. On thursday I did more blood work and the levels went up to 3900. The doctor gave me the methtrexate shot and had levels done again on Monday they went up to 4800. Has anyone heard of them increasing after the shot? My br___t are still really tender. Could I still be pregnant? Is it in the right place? If it is in the right place can anything be done to save the baby?


jill-78 - December 9

Hi...so sorry. I just had a tubal pregnancy also. The 1st shot of the methtrexate did not work and my #'s went up also. The 2nd shot was working or so I thought with my #'s going down and bleeding. Then 2 weeks later I had to have emergency surgery because my tube had gotten a pin hole in it and blood was leaking into my abdomen. The ultra sound showed that the baby had quit growing and did not have a heart beat any more, but was still inside my tube. They saved the tube which I guess is suppose to be good. I asked too and they cannot save the poor little baby if it is growing in your tube and you could also die if it ruptures. I hope everything goes ok for you!


colinzmom - February 10

Curious---how did things turn out for you?


PaulaPeer - February 28

Same thing happened to me, too. Now I've had my second shot a week ago and started bleeding yesterday. I have cramps one one side though. BE CAREFUL! They gave me the first shot based on my symptoms and not on actually seeing the embryo on the ultrasound. When my levels went up, they performed another ultrasound and found my baby...in my uterus...a week after they had already given me the shot. At this point they discovered that I have a heart-shaped uterus and that the cramping was due to where the baby was situated. They said due to the Metrotrxate, that it was toolate to consider carrying full term. Could my baby have survived had I waited to see it on the u/s? I'm devastated. Did the doctor kill my baby? How did you know you were bleeding, Jill? I've started what I think should be normal, but I have pain. More severe than menstrual cramps, but certainly not debilitating...What should I do?


RobinK - February 28

Omg Paula, I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I'm seriously concerned about the fact that the doctor never checked you with an ultrasound. I'm even more concerned that they didn't give you the opportunity to make an informed decision based on enough evidence to support the fact that you actually had a tubal pregnancy. What were they thinking?!? As much as I hate to put this thought in your mind, it is entirely possible that the doctor in question is prosecutable for malpractice. No physician can confirm a tubal pregnancy on lab tests alone. They either need an ultrasound or a laproscopic surgery to confirm that. Either way, nothing that happened is in any way your fault. You trusted your healthcare provider to do what was in your best interests. They made a mistake in not doing everything necessary to confirm or prove that your pregnancy was in fact an ectopic pregnancy. I would seriously consider seeking legal counsel on this, and FIRE that doctor immediately! No qualified professional would make a snap decision like that without plenty of supporting evidence. That is clearly negligence (because of the lack of supporting evidence) and malpractice (because he/she terminated a pregnancy without the evidence to support ectopic placement of the baby). I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I know this must be very difficult to digest. Just keep in mind, you are not at fault....so don't blame yourself. If you ever have a question about medical complications, it is perfectly within your rights to seek a second opinion. Two heads are better than one in a lot of cases. Humans are not infallable, and they do make mistakes. I wish you the best hun.


RobinK - February 28

Hey Tanya, I know the original post was yours, so I wanted to reply to you as well. First of all, I am so sorry to hear about the experience you are going through. I can only imagine how devastating this must be for you. I have never gone through an ectopic pregnancy, but I have been through 3 miscarriages. It is possible that the first shot did not take effect. You definitely need to keep a steady follow-up with your care provider. Ectopic pregnancy is nothing to mess around with. It can be life-threatening, so whatever you do...make sure you get the care you need to take care of you. I wish you the best and hope you get back to feeling better soon. I'll keep you in my prayers.



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