Eptopic Pregnancy How Long Will This Last

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Sarah Herne - February 17

I had an injection for an eptopic pregnancy, I had the injection 2 weeks on Friday. The blood tests are showing that the hormone level is now 250. I had a scan and they found that the eptopic pregnancy has grown twice the size and is 20mm. I am getting so fustrated, it was hard during the last visit becuause they wanted me to have a second scan and i had to wait in a waiting room with was an antinatal clinic. It was so hard seeing pregnant women clutching their scan pictures and smiling away. Does anyone know how long this nightmare will continue. I would like to get this over so we can start the agonising wait before we try for our first child. Also we have to wait 3 months, is this from when I had the injection or from when everything has gone.


ME - February 17

Hi Sarah! I am so sorry for what you need to go through.... I didnt have an ectopic, but I do have a cyst on my left overy, menses scrued up, spotting, pain, frequent urination and of course no insurance.... I am so frustrated and tired.... I just cry ...... I dont know what else to do. THe doctor I've seen today told me to do another ultrasound at Radiology, since her ultrasound machine is not that perfect... I would have to pay 1300 ... I dont have that much money.....I want to concieve and I can no longer look at preggo woman or at infants it makes me mad, frustrated and very upset, it makes me cry.... This is a night mare. I will have an insurance on March first, but till then I guess just stick around :)))))) Best luck to you! Baby dust!


Lovely - February 17

Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I had an ectopic pregnancy and was so upset to be around other pregnant women, it seemed so ...taunting.your hormone is quite low, at 250, but they want it at-or near-zero. It's a good idea to wait 3 months, from the time you get a clean bill of health. even though your pregnancy didn't last full term, your body still knows it was pregnant. Just as if you carried full term, you'll need a healing time (physical- emotional can take so much longer!) And it's better if you let your body heal after this. It's a trauma, both to your mind, and your body, so be patient. Good news is, if you got pregnant once, you can be again!!! Hang in there!! If anyone understands, trust me, It's ME!!!! Good luck!


amy - March 4

Hi sarah, I too had an eptopic pregnancy about a year ago and I truly understand what it is like going through this awful and traumatizing experience. Between the hormones and insensitive and often in the dark doctors, it can be frustrating. Make sure you listen to your body and try to understand that the check-up visits are necessary in order to maintain your health-if the eptopic pregnancy bursts, even after having the shot, as mine did, you could bleed to death. The doctors visits are necessary until your hormone count is zero. Just be thankful that they have the shots and that we all dont have to go through surgery and losing our fallopian tube like I did. Life goes on and your pain will ease. I believe that you honor your lost child by thinking of them ever day, enjoying every day. That little baby was not meant to be and is in such a wonderful place, I truly believe that and it helps me through the difficult times. I hope this helps.


RACHEL - April 29



Kaity - May 24

Hi Sarah! I am 24 yrs old and found out that I have an eptopic as well. I know exactly what you are going thru. I was told a yr ago that I only had a 25% chance of ever getting pregnant and then this happens and made it even worse. I am still going thru it now. My level is not as low as yours is though. I see women with babies and I just want to break down somedays. Then there are days when I feel it is what God wanted. Just take it day by day and all will be well. Kaity West


karen mielczarek - September 7

Hi Sareh, My husband and i have been trying for 5 years to get pregnant, finally after taking chlomed to ovulate we got there only to find that it was eptopic. I had same injection on the 14th Aug. i was advised that by my first blood test my hormone level should have dropped by 15% if not then i may need a second jab. Luckily My level did drop right down and on day 4 after until day 10, i had a what can only be discribed as a heavy period. It wasn't a period but it felt like one. Had to have blood tests every week since jab until level was below 2%. It took three weeks for my level to come down to below 2%. We were told that we should not start trying again for two months after jab was administered. or have atleast on period before trying again. I guess if there have been complications it might be longer for you i'm sorry to say. Don't you find them abit vague when it comes to telling you about what happens next, i do. I want to know if i have one damaged tube then will i automatically ovulate down the other one OR should i wait and have tests to see if tube is damaged before trying again. Everytime i ask the doctor they don't have a straight answer. I hope that this finds you well and wish you all the best. Be positive , it will happen.


To Karen - September 8

I think the doctors can't answer you because they really don't know. I had an ectopic 3 years ago and lost my right tube - it burst and hurt like H-E- hockey sticks! I asked if with only one tube left would the egg on the right side know to go to the left - I got a "yeah" as a response then he left the room. ?? It took several months to get the periods going like they were supposed to but they did come monthly. Not sure if there was an egg every month, but there was blood... It took 3 years to get pregnant again. I get so frustrated reading about women who can get pregnant at the drop of a hat. But!! I am now 12 weeks, I made them take an ultrasound to make sure everything was where it needed to be and I have a cute, little, very active jumping bean! I saw it a few hours ago for the second time. It's just awesome! So, not only might it take a while, a normal pregnancy after an ectopic with one tube IS possible...



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