Eptopic Pregnancy And Losing A Tube

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mandy - April 4

hi, ive just come out of hospital after having an eptopic and still in a lot of pain after losing my right tube. i also m/c 6 months ago at 14 weeks pregos, i have a son of 6 and im 24 but i dont understand why i cant carry as well as i did 6 years ago! im very worried about losing my left tube if this happends again. has anyone been through this and still been able to have a baby?


Allie - April 4

I lost a tube and ovary two weeks ago - haven't had a baby yet, but the dr. has a__sured me my left ovary and tube are healthy and I should be able to concieve successfully in the future...we'll be ttc again as soon as she gives the all clear, so hopefully before too long I'll be able to say "yes!" to this question.


Mary - April 5

Hi Mandy.. I lost my right tube 18 yrs ago due to ectopic.. I was 13 weeks PG.. it started to rupture, so they had to remove the tube :( 3 yrs later I had a beautiful baby boy.. :) so yes you can still conceive with 1 tube.. gl to you hon, I wish you all the best


add'n - April 5

and as far as the pain goes.. it takes time to heal.. I wasnt fully well for a good 3 mos.. just do things at your own pace.. dont try to rush anything..


love - April 6

you should be able to still become pregnant but your chances are cut down to 40%. I have had one tubal, 1 miscarraige and right now i am prgnant again, the doc say right after any prgnancy your body is very fertile to another pregnancy asap therefore after your miscarry or have an ectopic really think about if you want to immediatly try again but put all emotions aside( easier said then done) and make sure you are emotionally and phiscally ready for another chance.my ectopic was in april 2001, they didnt remove my tube they repaired it which caould cause scar tissue whic could make it difficult not to have another ectopic due to scarred tissue, then in 11-2004 i had a miscarraige then 03-2005 i am pregnant again , but i am having pressure pain on my right side. each time is an emotional rollercoaster. so hang in there.


mandy - April 7

hi allie, sorry to hear about your story i know what you are going through! are you still in pain? because i am bad! i dont know if this is right or im just a hipercondreact! anyway let me know in the future if you get the happy news! good luck!


mandy - April 7

hi mary, you was far along! thank god they got to you in time. thanks for letting me know you still can have babys it helps! was you trying for 3 years or did you leave it for a while?


mandy - April 7

hi love, its so sad when you have to go through m/c and a eptopic i dont know about you but i feel like the most unlucky girl what with losing my dad on top of it all! well 40% drop isnt to bad i spose but i dont think i will try again for about a year im going back on the pill for a little while because i dont think i will be able to take much more pain! and if i lost my other tube it would kill me. congrats on being pregnant again! i wish you the best of luck. have you had a scan to see if baby is in the womb? thats the only way they can tell or buy the hcg level have you had that done yet? again best of luck let me know how you get on.


mandy - April 7

hi mary, dose it really take about 3 months to start felling no pain? i am resting but i seem to wake up every day in the same pain. every one tells me to not do nothing. so i better do what they say!


mandy - April 7

It's been a 2 weeks now, and yes, I do still have some pain. I haven't taken anything for the pain for the last two days, but it's lingering, and get's worse after working all day. The pain isn't really bad, though. I went to see the dr. yesterday, and she said I am doing great, and gave the ok to start ttc right away. Unfortunately, it was a little too painful, so we've decided to give my body at least a few more days to heal. I've had eggwhite cm this week, and the dr. said I could be fertile already!


Allie - April 7

Sorry, the last post under Mandy's name was from me - I was trying to reply to Mandy and messed it up!


mary - April 7

hi mandy.. well I was telling dr for mos I was pg and I KNEW something was wrong.. it was another dr who found the ectopic.. he got me in the hosp that day.. next morn they did the surgery.. then abt 1.5 yrs later I got pg again.. a miscarriage.. then abt a yr after that I had my little boy.. :)... it wasnt that I was trying.. I finally stopped thinking about it , and whoala.. and that was on one (1) tube.. so yea.. it will happen.. just harder with only one tube :) how are you feeling.. are you still in pain.. mine was severe and doubled me over... if your pain gets worse.. PLEASE PLEASE get to the er.. keep me posted.. I wish you all the best... and I will pray for you :)


mandy - April 8

hi Allie, thats great news that you can start trying again! i had that egg white stuff this morning and asked the hospital if this means im ovlating and they said it is, so its good to know thats still happening! but my pain stings so bad! did your cut sting? its a week today i had the op. best of luck for trying again!


mandy - April 8

hi mary, so you gave your body a good rest then. thats what im going to do this time. the pain im getting now is bad stinging! i lay with a cold dressing on my cut it helps a bit! do you think you will try for an other baby? i think thats true somtimes if you dont think about trying it happens. but its so hard not to when all i see walking around is pregnent women! , oh well my time will hopfully come one day! x


mary - April 8

to Mandy: Hi hon.. yes that stinging is normal... you are healing.. just take things slow.... and in time.. you will concieve again :) just give your body time to heal...as far as me tryin for another one.. well I am 42 yrs old.. lol I dont think its gonna happen at my age.. But I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers :)


mandy - April 8

thanks for your advice and thoughts mary. it has helped. im glad you said the stinging is normal. i cant wate to fell better again! x


Allie - April 8

Mandy - my cuts don't sting, they itch like crazy, and have almost from day 1. I have been putting neosporin on them periodically to help them heal. I did have some pretty bad pain where my right tube used to be yesterday after two days of not too bad, but I think it's b/c I pushed myself too hard at work.



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