Eptopic Pregnancy Loss

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Allie - March 25

I went in for emergency surgery on Wednesday - I was 11 weeks pregnant, and it was eptopic - I lost my right ovary and tube (they ruptured) - how do you get through something like this?


Jenna - March 25

Hi Allie - I'm so very sorry about your tragic loss. I've not experienced the ectopic and subsequent loss of the tube/ovary, but I've just had my 3rd m/c and I understand the pain, heartbreak, and frustration. Take time to grieve and know that time will ease the pain. Take care of yourself and lean on others for support through this terrible time as well. I've found a tremendous amount of understanding on this site, and there are a lot of ladies who have gone through the same thing. When you are ready to try again, know that it can happen with one ovary so don't give up hope! All the best, and I'll be thinking of you. You are not alone, and you will feel better again.


Allie - March 28

Thanks Jenna: I never understood the devestation woman went through until now - and I'm trying to hard to remember how blessed I am to have two wonderful stepchildren and a husband who loves me; it seems the better I get physically the worse I get emotionally.


Keri - March 30

Allie ~ I am sorry to hear about your recent surgery. I was very close to losing my tube as well. I had a miscarriage in January, followed by an ectopic pregnancy the next month. I had surgery in early March to remove the ectopic. The methotrexate didn't work...I don't have the answers as to how to get through the pain, however it helps to know you're not alone. Many of us have experienced the same problems and subsequently the pain. I am so thankful my tube did not rupture and the docs caught it in time ( I was at least 8 weeks). I wish you peace and relief from your sorrow.


Allie - April 2

Keri - thanks for your kind words. I'm starting to get better physically, and praying a lot in the hopes I'll get my emotions back together. I can't imagine going through this twice so close together - you must be beyond devestated. I will keep you in my prayers, and I hope that your next attempt will bring you the baby you want.


Megan - April 3

Hi Allie, I feel for you so much. In October last year, I was in emergency surgery too, I lost my baby along with my right tube. I still cry all of the time but it gets easier. We've been trying since then to get pregnant but so far, no luck. I'm scared, so scared that I won't fall again. I only got married two weeks ago & I'd love to expand our family (we have one daughter). The experience has made me so much more grateful for what & who I do have in my life. Hold your head up girl, you've got support x


Allie - April 3

Megan - thanks, and congratulations on your wedding. I'm also a newlywed, married in October 04. What has the doctor told you are the chances for conception having lost a tube? I go in on Wednesday to get a lot of my questions answered, but I'm nervous. The dr. did tell me after the surgery that I should still be able to concieve, but nothing about percentages or anything. We are going to ttc again as soon as the dr gives the ok, especially since a nurse from my church just told me you are actually more fertile after a m/c. Did the dr check out the left tube while in surgery? Mine did, and actually took pictures, and said the left one looked very healthy, which makes her less concerned about a future ectopic. Of course, since they don't know what caused the first one, it's hard to say a second one couldn't happen, too.


mandy - April 4

hi all, ive just come out of hospital after losing my right tube through a eptopic im still in a lot of pain. i also m/c 6 months ago at 14 weeks pregos. i have a son of 6. but i just dont understand why i cant carry as good as i did 6 years ago! im only 24 and very worried that i wont be able to have babys no more! and worried about losing my left tube if this happend again! has anyone been through this and has been able to have a baby?


APRIL - April 11



Mel - April 12

Hi I was looking around the net and came across this site. My gods you poor girl, I know this sorrow very well. I had an ectopic pregnancy when I was 17 ( now 26) and came within 2 hours of dying. Over the years as a result of this, I to have had 3 miscarriages (Cynthia, Breanna & Hayden). and no you are NOT alone, the feeling of loss and hopelessness DOES get better, I am still coming to terms with mine, but now atleast I can look at the x-rays from the incident and without crying, the point though is that i CAN look at them, my hands still shake as I remember the pain, the agony and the grief. But i swear to you with every part of my being, it does get better. I now have a wonderful partner and a family that I know loves and supports me not matter what, and when times get rough (and they do) and when i dont think I can cope anymore, they are the ones who pick me up and comfort me. your an extraordinary women, all women are, and just remember your not ever alone, not ever. This may help, for each one I lost I wrote a poem, more a blessing really, to let them know that even though they were not here for long they are always apart of me and are always loved.


Cami - May 19

Allie, I am sorry to hear your story and I know it's been a few months now, it does get easier. I have suffered 3 ectopics and a miscarriage my last ectopic only being 2 weeks ago. You can get pregnant with one tube. All I have left is my left side. Remember one thing...... All things are possible through GOD!!!!!! my husband and I were married in Aug. 04 and we were excited about having a child together as we each have 1 from previous marriages but, God makes good out of all bad things.


Allie - May 20

Hi Cami. your right, it has gotten better. I was such a wreck emotionally for the 1st month or so, but it's been two months now, and I've really been doing better. I still miss my baby, and think about what would have been, but I am happy with what I have as well, and I trust that God will give me a chance at a baby if it's right for me - and if it's not right for me, he'll give me the strength to deal with that as well (although I'm being optimistic these days, so we'll a__sume it's in His plan) :) I feel so much for you and the other ladies that have gone through this, especially when you have had multiple losses. I will keep you in my prayers, in the hopes that you will soon have a healthy pregnancy!


Cami - May 20

Thanks Allie!! and I will do the same.


Megan - May 20

Hi Allie and girls, I have wonderful news and promise for everyone! Finally, after nearly 8 months of trying after losing my baby and tube, I have fallen pregnant. I've only just found out and it's only very early days yet but there is hope. I had resigned myself to giving up - to thinking it would never happen for us again. I go in for an early scan on tue to make sure it's in the right place this time. There is hope ladies, i broke down crying when i found out, I'm still very scared but hopeful. My thoughts are with you all. I think it was my bodies way of saying that maybe i wasn't mentally prepared for another one up until now. Take care x


dionne - May 20

megan that is wonderful news. please keep us posted! (i'm out of sugery a week today. lost my left tube so this is GREAT news!)


Allie - May 21

Congratulations Megan!!! I am so pleased for you! Keep us posted and we'll keep you and your baby in our prayers! And girls, before you know it we will all be back on here posting our own good news just like Megan!



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