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S - March 10

Did anyone on this board have an ERPC (evacuation of retained products of conception) after being diagnosed wiith missed miscarriage, I had this and have been experiencing hardly any bleeding but alot of pain and hot flushes, I hope this is normal, had the procedure done two days ago. Any feedback would be helpful


S- - March 10

sorry, never heardof it- is it the same as having tissue left in you from the baby after miscarriage? I have been having alot of hot flashes latetly though.


S - March 10

yes it is the same i think, yeah i've been having hot flashes too. what procedure did you have.


stacey - March 11

just noticed that we both go by S, felt like I was in a convo w/ myself- anyway, I had a d&e, but think they got everything. Although it took me 6 weeks to get my period- finally got it the other day. But, now that I am thinking about it...2 weeks after the procedure, I was getting lots of brown spotting and brown cm which could have been tissue left over. My levels at 5 weeks after were 7, so I might have had some left in me longer or the levels would have dropped quicker.


Shaz - March 12

Yeah lets ditch the S, did you have alot of pain after your d&e and which country are you in, i'm in London by the way and there is no way that their gonna check my levels, so wouldn't know what they are at the moment. Even at the hospital after my ERPC they just discharged me and gave me no advice on what to do next, with regards to ttc etc. I'm been having loads of pain after the ERPC and yesterday pa__sed a clot so a__sume that they didn't get everything otherwise there would be no pain.


stacey - March 12

I am in the US- Pennsylvania to be exact. I didn't have alot of pain, but we refrained from anything for 2 weeks. I did have a problem w/ constipation for 3 days after- had to take meds for that, could have been in my mind-scared to let go. First day it hurt to pee, but that was really it. My dr. didn't check my levels either, I requested it after I heard others saying they got it. I'd ask them to check next week, that way you know if your levels are going down. If they aren't, you should see your dr. again, they might need to do a d&c to get the rest out.


Shaz - March 13

I've had constipation too. I will go back to docs next week so that they can check levels. Thanks :) It's 1 in the morning can't sleep, guess still trying to come to terms with loss. I'm still having alot of af type pain though can't understand why.


stacey - March 13

shaz- when did you have your procedure/miscarriage? I don't know if it'll help you emotionally,but what helped me was to make a memory box for the baby. I put in it cards I received, any poems that reminded me of the baby, and I wrote out everyting that happened fromt he time I found out til the time I had my d&e. It really helped me have closure. My doc told me to take Milkof Magnesia for constipation-don't know if you have that there. If it's been more than 2 weeks, I'd call your dr. about the pain (actually, they told me 2 days I think to call if I'm still in pain).


stacey - March 16

Shaz, how are you doing???


Shaz - March 16

Hi Stacey, sorry for late replies I had the procedure done around 8 days ago, on the 9th to be exact. I'm still bleeding although not heavily but i'm having one clot come out every day, should I be concerned? Good idea about the memory box, the feeling that I'm going through now are, i'm not understanding what happened to my baby, one minute i'm happy as larry and the next i think I was pregnant one minute and not the next, I'm finding it really hard to come to terms with and don't know what to feel anymore, how did you deal with it. Constipation is ok now as I have been drinking loads of water and that really helped. The bleeding has started to worry me now what if they have caused some damage (sorry it's so long)


stacey - March 16

Shaz- I wouldn't worry about the bleeding yet. Wait a few days. Honestly, I got over it by taling to people on this forum, and the memory box. I sometimes still think of it, but it really is better now that I am trying again.


Shaz - March 16

Hi Stacey, do you have msn or aol messenger?


Stacey - March 16

Yeah this forum does make me feel so much better, it also helped going back to work this week as I would've just got more depressed sitting at home, my doctor said she could sign me off for another week but I said no and am glad I went back to work, just want the bleeding to stop so that I can start ttc again, I can't wait to be pregnant again, it's like an urgency


Shaz - March 16

sorry that was meant to say to stacey from shaz, (going crazy)


stacey - March 16

no, sorry- but my email is [email protected] if you want to email more. As far as getting pregnant right away- I def. tried, but am kinda glad it didn't work. In the beginning I couldn't think of trying right away, but after 2 weeks it's all I wanted.


Shaz - March 16

mine is [email protected] Thanks for all your info and advice


Shaz - March 17

My name is Julie and I was reading your postings on here. I had a m/c and d&c on March 9th. I was 12 weeks but baby stopped growing at about 8 weeks. I had very little bleeding the first couple days after, but about days 4-7, I felt like my bleeding and cramping was getting worse instead of better. Same thing I was pa__sing things those days. I called the Dr. and he said that's actually good. Body is getting rid of stuff he missed. He said that's the preferred outcome. He told me if I don't have a fever and not soaking a pad an hour that it was ok. The soaking a pad an hour is the key.... if you can go 3 or 4 hours with one pad ( that was it for me) he said its scary but ok. Said your body is doing what we want it to to do. Sorry if thats too much info or if it seems like I was eavsdropping on your conversation, just was in the same boat, so thought it might help you to know another persons story. My bleeding stopped yesterday, 8 days after d/c and actually I feel A LOT better.........hope you feel better soon.



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