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d - July 19

any ladies ever have one? how bad is the pain. I have sharp stabbling pains in my left lower. sometimes shooting to the other side almost as if af is coming cramps 20xxxx but stabbing pains, lightheaded.. last month i got it at 34 days i am always on time to a T 28 days... any input before i decide to go to the ER. we have been trying to concieve for about 8 months...


Alison - July 20

Hi D, I have had miscarriages but not an ectopic but I know someone who has had one and certainly she experienced extreme pains at one side of her lower abdomen and she was very sick . You said last month AF came at 34 days but usually it is 28 days-how late are you for AF just now? Have you taken a pregnancy test? I have heard though sometimes ectopic won't show on a test but that isn't always the case. The woman I know had had a positive pregnancy test with hers. If you are late for your period and have these symptoms I think it would be best to go to the hospital to make sure it isn't an actopic as if left untreated they can be very serious. I pray that it will not be this and if it is that they will look after you well and you will recover quickly and receive lots of love and support in dealing with the loss. It may not be this at all though and that is what I pray for you. xxx


crisy - July 20

Hi d. I had a natural miscarriage in April. My grandmother had an ectopic pregnancy and she almost lost her life. Back then, the medicine was not like it is now. She was 3 months pregnant. She told me that she was pa__sing clots +++++ and her bleeding was very heavy. The pain was horrible and she was white as a ghost. Did you do a pregnancy test? Was it positive? If the pregnancy test was positive and you have that much pain, I think that you should go to the hospital. Your last period came after 34 days, when is it due again ? I guess after a miscarriage the cycles get messed up. I am 18 days late for my period and all the pregnancy tests are neg. I am very confused. Anyhow, if your gut instinct tells you that you should go to the ER, I think that you should go. It's not normal that you have so many cramps and so painful. Before I had the miscarriage, I had +++ cramps on the right side and I went to the ER. When they did the ultrasound they did not see an ectopic. I hope that you don't have an ectopic. Take care and God Bless You.


Jenn - July 22

D-did you end up at the ER? What happend? I had eptopic pregnany and emergency surgery in May. I was very consistent 28-29 day cycle so when I got to day 30 I tested and it was positive. When to the doctor for a blood test and that too was positive. More likely than not you get a positive result. The pain you are describing are symptoms of an eptopic - any bleeding, spotting? Bloat, frequent urination; doubled over in pain? These were all symptoms I had - but I HAD to get to the doctors because I knew I was pregnant and what I was feeling was not right. Either way, whether you have a positive result or a negative - if you're that uncomfortable from pain you should be seen.



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