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madison - June 19

i've been reading about evening primrose oil and thinking about getting some. has anyone had luck conceiving while using this, and how much did you take, etc? also, did you use anything else like preseed or anything? my dh and i started ttc in oct. 05 and i miscarried in feb. and have not been lucky yet. thanks!


kristie h - June 20



Morrison1 - June 20

Hi madison. I have used preseed a few times and we like it a lot. It is a little expensive, but it works (we have at least one pg while using it and are hoping for another bfp soon) and you would only use it when you are actively ttc. I m/c in feb and we didn't use it, but I got pg again the first time we tried in March, and we did use it. I m/c again, but that has nothing to do with the preseed, of course. Hope that helps a little. On the Preseed website there is a list of Pharmacy outlet providers, so check it first and see if there is a pharmacy near you where you can buy it rather than have it shipped. If there isn't, you can find it at babyhopes.com, among other places. Here is that site: http://www.ingfertility.com/providers.htmlGood luck!!


Morrison1 - June 20

Sorry - there should be a space between the "html" and the "Good Luck". That isn't part of the address. It would be funny if it were though, eh?


buffy2297 - June 21

Yes I used evening primrose oil but you shouldn't take it after ovulation. I will find out what dosage and a website and get back to you. I'm now 8 weeks Pregnant so it worked for me.


buffy2297 - June 21

Try this website www.fertilinet.com/Cervical%20Fluid%20and%20Fertility.htm and the measurement is 1000mg. Good luck.


DownbutnotOUT - June 23

Is it me but I also heard evening primose oil can stimulate contractions, or its that info wrong. Im not trying to scare anyone but just curious?


Morrison1 - June 23

Nope, that is correct - which is why it is crucial NOT to be taking it once you are done ttc. So, it is meant to be taken PRIOR to ttc only, just to help with the cm. That is another reason I like preseed so much. No fuss, no worry. Just good ol fashoned CM a__sistance.



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