Extremely Scared

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Melissa - December 13

I had a D&C after a miscarriage. This was exactly 7 weeks ago. I still have no period. My doc said to give it another week, and if nothing, then come in and they will give me something to bring it on. I was researching on the internet and saw something about a serious problem called Asherman's Syndrome. They described it as occurring after a D&C and that it is scar tissue that can totally affect your fertility. WHY didn't my doctor warn me of a risk like that???? It said that absence of a period after a D&C is a sign of it. If I would have known something like that could happen, I would have let myself miscarriage naturally. They detected no heartbeat at almost 9 weeks. 48 hours later i was having the D&C, but he never mentioned that something like this could happen! I don't know if I actually have that, but why haven't we been told?


crystal - December 13

Yikes! I really hope you don't have that.You should have already gotten your period. I had a natural mc.


Melissa - December 13

When no heartbeat was detected, and I was scheduled for a D&C, no one on his staff ever even mentioned this Asherman's syndrome. I was told by two different doctors that the D&C is quick, simple and considered a routine surgery at the hospital. OK, but they never mentioned risks involved. He never mentioned that a person could have scarring or scar tissue or adhesions that can severely affect fertility and future pregnancies. I'm just really scared right now. I called his office to inquire as to whether or not 7 weeks without a period sounds normal, but I only got the answering service. I'm just so scared.


crystal - December 13

So I guess you haven't been trying to get pregnant again, and that couldn't be why you haven't gotten your period?


Melissa - December 13

I had unprotected s_x once since the D&C. I've taken a pregnancy test out of curiosity and it came out negative.


Can - December 13

Is it possible that you are pregnant or have you been using protection? I had a D&E five weeks ago and I still don't have my period, but I'm really hoping I don't get it because we are ttc. It would be horrible to find out it was something like Asherman's syndrome! Please let us know if you get your period or what happens when you see your doctor next week.


Melissa - December 13

Like all of you, I have been so anxious to start trying again. But the doc told me to wait 2 periods. So I have literally been counting the days just for the first period!! And I was just surfing arounf the internet and put in "no period after d&c" and a bunch of websites came up with "Asherman's Syndrome". I just want to get back to where we were before the miscarriage. I'm nearly in tears. I honestly wish I never tried looking up what could be wrong because now I am just going to stress out like a crazy woman.


Can - December 13

I know what you mean, sometimes it is worse to know all the possibilities! Try to get in to see your doctor as soon as possible because you are going to completly stress yourself out!! Please let us know how everything turns out; I will be praying for you!


Can - December 13

I just want to put one more thing out there: I read a post on this site about one women who didn't get her period for 10 weeks after her d&c and everything seemed normal with her! Try to keep your head up!


Melissa - December 14

Thanks Can, for your advice and posts. I am just going to wait for her to call me back today and hopefully I can get an appointment this week. This whole pregnancy/miscarriage situation has taught me so much. Yet I just really want to move past it and put it behind me so I can try again. But it seems like a neverending saga!


Abby - December 14

Melissa, try not to worry too much. I got my period 50 days past my d&c. I had kind of freaked out too and had been calling my doc and they a__sured me that it was pretty normal, especially when you are further along (I was 14 weeks). I have since gone back to having normal periods, and my second period was already back to 33 days. So, hang in there, and I hope it comes soon for you!


Melissa - December 16

OK, I finally got my period this morning! It seems kinda heavy and the cramps are pretty severe. But I welcome this pain since I've been so anxious and can stop thinking I have Asherman's! I can finally mark my caledar "day one". Thanks so much for your posts and advice!


Can - December 16

Yeah Melissa. Isn't so weird to actually want your period to show up? I'm so glad things worked out well for you. Blessings to you as you try to conceive again. I will look forward to updates if you post anywhere on this site in the future!


Val - December 16

Melissa - I'm glad you got your period! Mine didn't come until almost 50 days after my d&c. (My second period after the miscarriage took a long time as well, but by my third I was down to 33 days.) I did talk with my doctor about scar tissue possibly affecting future fertility and she said that the risks were minimal. I hope you get pregnant again soon (if that is your desire!) Take care...


SA - December 17

It is not uncommon to not get your period for up to 8 or 9 weeks. Your body has been through alot. Accupuncture is amazing to help heal....and will help with any scar tissue. Abdominal ma__sage as well. Oh yes...and for future reference....a teaspoon of ground ginger.....pour boiling water over it and drink it once a day. That will always help bring a period on if it is pretty close.. Good luck and God bless


Melissa - December 17

TO SA, thanks for the home remedy! Although I am very thankful that my period came by itself, it is like no other period I've ever had! It's very very heavy and the cramps are out of this worls. I have not had cramps like this since I was a teenager!



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