False Positive After D Amp C

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Sandra - April 3

I found out I was pregnant on Jan 9th, but found out at 10 week scan (on Valentines day!) that baby died just after 6 weeks. I had a D&C since it appeared I was not going to miscarry normally, and the heightened risk of infection. D&C was on the 17th Feb, had my first bleed on Feb 27th, which the doctor told me was expected 7-10 days after D&C. He also said that my cycle should continue as before the pregnancy (33 days on the minute). Lots and lots of emotional stuff to deal with, but missed my period this month. So I took a home test yesterday, with a very faint positive result. Another one this morning had a clearer positive result (YEAH). I read on the internet that you can get a false positive after a m/c. Does anyone know how often this happens etc? Should I take more home tests or just get the blood tests done? I am really worried as we got all excited until I jumped on the internet...


sarah - April 3

from what i have read it seems most have been getting af 4-6 weeks after m/c d/c 10 days sounds really soon. Its cool though far less of a wait. I too lost my baby at 10 w 6d and was told it stopped growing at 6w 3d. It is so very sas and hard to deal with . I had my m/c on easter mon. and are eargerly awaiting ovulation. I hope you are pg...i doubt that the hormones from m/c would hang around that long..best wishes and all the sticky vibes in the world to us!


Sandra - April 4

went to the drs today, and they took bloods today, and will take again on wednesday for comparison. He said that it could be hormones fom the previous pregnancy, and if there is a fall in count, it is most likely a false pg. If it's a rise, I'm pg. But there is a much higher risk of m/c this time again as the cervix might not have closed properly yet after D&C. So with that said I will probably wait one month to try again. :-)


Sandra - April 4

So my impatience got the best of me and I took another test. The positive line appeared very quickly, almost at the same time as the negative line ( + ), a much much stronger result than the first time. So by my measurement levels are going up. Now I can wait for the blood test results...


Jo - April 4

Sandra, i really hope that all goes well for you. please let us know the results from your blood tests. it is really exciting but really scary with fear of another m/c. i m/c on 2/2 and had a period in march. i think i ovulated last week so now the waiting game begins. Good luck


Heather - April 4

Your hcg levels will be at 0 when you have your first bleed after your m/c. If you have a period since the D&C than you're pregnant. It will not be left over from the previous pregnancy. Congrats!!


Sandra - April 4

So I got my first hcg levels, I'm told it's 67 over 5. Does anyone know what this means? Other than it's likely I'm pregnant?


Heather - April 5

My dr's office will not call it a positive test until it is over 100 I believe. If it is over 5 at all they consider it a + but don't like to tell people yes until it's over 100. When do you go back for your next test?


Sandra - April 6

I went back for my 2nd appointment today. Will get the results back tomorrow. I'm crossing all my fingers and toes.


Pat - April 6

Another reason doctors want you to wait one cycle before you get pregnant---it takes a while for you HCG count to go down to 0. I miscarried March 19 and my HCG almost one month later is still not at 0. I think i'm at 25--definately falling (originally was 5000). This is why you get a false positive--the hormone is still in your body from the miscarried pregnancy. Good luck!


Sandra - April 7

Well this one wasn't false. After 2 blood tests the doctor is positive I'm pregnant. It's very early days though, only 19 dpo(we think). But we don't have an exact baseline, so I now have to go for US to get better idea.



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