Feeling Like A Failure

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kellywall - July 11

This may sound silly but I feel like a failure. I m/c in early June at 6w 3d and DH and myself were devastated. I still haven't got a/f ...I feel like I've been waiting forever (which I know I really haven't) I just want to start ttc soon. DH has 3 other kids from a previous marriage. My MIL told his ex about my m/c (I was so p___sed) and ex has made a point of asking me a million questions about m/c (what happened...how....why??) As terrible as it sounds, her and I are not friends and I feel like she's asking me this stuff to rub things in my face. DH thinks I'm being to sensitive (and maybe I am) I guess I'm just having a bad day....anyone else ever felt like this? Take care and Gob bless everyone pg or ttc.


kiza - July 12

kellywall, don't let it stress you. Some people just can't help themselves, they like to kick you when your down. I have had 4 losses 1at 19weeks 2 early ones 7 & 8 weeks and my last one in may at 22 weeks due to birth defects. I delivered my ds on may 8th and got af on june 14th. So hopefully yours should be coming soon. I think it all depends on how long you bleed for and that sort of thing. I wish you the very best of luck with ttc in the future and please don't let arrogant, b___hy people that have no idea what you are going thru get you down. This forum is an excellent place to make new friends with people that know exactly how you are feeling. Feel free to ask questions and vent as much as you like, we are here to listen. Take care of yourself and keep smiling. xxxxxxxx Kiza


Diann - July 12

kellywall, face it girl you're human and unless MIL is superwoman which i seriously doubt (lol) maybe a reminder of such would put her back in her place. a m/c is a freak of nature. I, myself have had 2. you have every right to be sensative. you're the one who physically lost your child, not only did you have and emotional connection but also a physical connection something men just don't always understand. as for the ex, sweetie the past is the past. you are with dh NOW not her. my af came 32 days after m/c. just breath and take each day as they are given to you. take care


Lynne - July 12

You have every right to be sensitive. And quite frankly it is absolutely none of your ex's business regarding your own body. Plus your mother in law never should have been talking about you to his ex. That is a violation in my opinion. Just overlook their questions and if any of them ask again just tell them you feel it is a personal matter and don't wish to discuss it. I know we feel as though we owe an answer when a question is asked, but quite frankly it is our decision and right not to answer. I say don't answer and change the subject and divert the conversation. If you do that then hopefully unless she is a complete idiot, she will get the point. If she or they persist, then get rude. I am sorry you have experienced this and wish you peace and a very successful pregnancy. -L


kellywall - July 12

I cannot thank you ladies enough for commenting. Here I was thinking that I'm being to sensitive when you are right.....I am going to take the time that I need...guess I just needed people who have gone through it to remind me. Thanks again and good luck to everyone....lotsa baby dust...take care



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