Feeling Low

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devistated mummy - August 20

Why is it that when you think your starting to get on with your life something happens to bring all the pain back. I had my 3rd m/c 06/28 but woke up this morning to a delivery of baby clothes, nappies and bottles. I didnt even order anything. I opened the package and saw the clothes and just burst into tears and havent been able to stop crying since. I couldnt even go into work as i have been a complete mess. My dear husband is so supportive but also trying his hardest to discover who it was that ordered these things in the first place. Whoever it was why didnt they cancel the order? Surley they would know what reaction it would have had.


Alison - August 21

I am so sorry you are going through this-I too recently suffered my third miscarriage (on June 12th) and can sympathise with the agony yet another loss brings. Maybe the person who ordered the stuff forgot they ordered it? Or is it possible they are free gifts from a pregnancy magazine you subscribed to? It must have been absolutely heart breaking to open that parcel my heart goes out to you I am so sorry. I find that when I feel I am coping better something happens to bring me back down again. (and it doesn't take much either!) What did you do with the items? maybe you could get your DH to hide them away where you won't see them, then in the future when your much longed for baby does arrive he can look them out again for you. Have you had any tests? We have had tests at the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic and they didn't find anything so we just have to try again-I'm on baby Aspirin now as recommended by the doctor. It will be hard next time but I have to believe it will be ok next time-for me and for you. I am sending you bug ((hugs)) and pray you will be able to overcome to shock of your parcel arriving and continue to heal and get stronger-Take care xxx


Kara - August 21

I am so sorry to hear about your babies. People just don't get how deeply these losses effect us. I just had my third miscarriage on August 2nd. Which just happened to be the day before my first pregnancy's due date. The following day, which was the due date, I recieved a canister of baby formula in the mail. I made inside the house with my composure intact, but I sat on the floor in my entry way and cried. I cried for my first baby, my second baby, and the third that I was still in the process of losing. I cried for myself too and the fact I would never be able to really be excited about expecting a baby again. It has been three weeks and I thought I was doing good at keeping my emotions in check. Then I saw a woman at the store yesterday with a brand new baby. I ran to the bathroom and had a good cry because that should have been me with a three week old baby. So please know that you are completely ent_tled to your feelings and its OK to fall apart now and then. I hope you have a better day tomorrow.


devistated mummy - August 22

Thank you both so much for your support and kind words. Im still feeling low today but im not in tears (at least). My husband found that it was from a pregnancy organisation that automatically send out these items once you hit 15 weeks (i dont know if its the same for you, i live in the uk), but we still cant understand why it is that these things were sent to me as i had registered with a company that contacts all pregnancy organisations to advise them of the miscarriage. It seems that they didnt update their computer systems. I am not undergoing any tests as i have already had all the necessary ones done throught the last few years as it was first believed that i would never be able to get pregnant (i proved them wrong!!!) the only problem i seem to have is carrying the baby to term. I am hopeful though that i/we all will have the babys we all long for so much and wish you all they luck and baby glue int he world. Thank you once again. xx



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