Feeling Out Of Control

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Jill - March 25

I found out I was miscarrying two weeks ago. Since then I have had a ton of emotions. I just can't seem to feel in control of anything. One moment I am fine, but if someone says the wrong thing to me, it destroys my entire mood. I am especially having difficulty with my coworker being pregnant. My husband tries to be understanding, but if he says the wrong thing, I start yelling at him. Is anyone else going through this. I feel so alone.


Alison - March 25

No you are not alone. I sympathise with how you feel it is awful I know. You can be ok and then suddenly tears will come as if from no-where! It does feel like we have no control but don't be hard on yourself you're going through alot and your hormones are probably going wild too which never helps! It is especially hard re. pregnant colleagues/friends/relatives (I know I've had all three!!!) And people try to say the right thing but quite often it doesn't come across as the right thing to say! One day at a time Jill that's all we can do. You are not alone! You can get through this xxx


Lily - March 25

No you are definitely not alone. I keep telling myself I am going to have a good day and be positive... then I get a card or something in the mail. I break into tears, then I am angry. I will call my husband for support -- if he says the wrong thing I am so mad at him. I also have a friend that was due two weeks before me. Everything is fine with her pregnancy. I am happy for her in most ways but also extremely envious of her. It is hard for me to be around her right now. But every day I try to call her. I can't let my jelousy destroy a good friendship either. Sometimes life just doesn't seem fair. hang in there and no you are not alone. I am finding this support site extremely helpful. It is the only place where I feel safe right now for getting support. Good luck .. my prayers are with you.


Shaz - March 25

no you are not alone i too went through a miscarriage a few weeks ago and felt so alone but we are all here together and we will get through this. xx


Jess - March 25

Boy I sure know how you are feeling. One minute I think I am fine and the next something could trigger my emotions. Like yesterday when I got a baby shower invitation in the mail I just started crying and thinking in my head this could have been me in a couple months! As for yelling at your husband, I did here and there and sometimes I do want to and I think about my hormones being outta wack and its not his fault and he was really there for me while I was in the ER having my m/c and d&c. I will get easier especially if you try to stay positive. My sister in law is due exactly when I was suppose to be do and I keep telling myself I will be pregnant again before that. You just have to stay positive and when you feel yourself getting upset, take a deep breath and remind yourself its not the end of the world. You have to get back out there and try again, there are millions of other women in your same situation. I hope this helps and keep your head up!


Julie C. - March 25

As I read everyone's thoughts on this website, I often think "I could have written those exact same things." It's really good to know I'm not alone (not that I don't wish you all happy, healthy pregnancies and as many babies as you want!). It's just comforting to know that everything I'm feeling (including the random bursts of emotion!) is normal. (Had one of those random bursts today . . . barely got out of the store I was in before I started crying!). Anyway, thanks to all of you.


mulgajill - March 25

My emotions were a bit unstable until i had my first period after miscarriage... things seemed to settle then, so give it time... though i still hate watching movies with pregnant women, especially the last video we watch where the gal was having her ultrasound... but besides that have got through it ok the last time and the other times in the past... It does get better... though my fella did ask the 'why are you crying' thing a few times... i think people expect you to get over it rather more quickly than we do in reality...



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