Feeling Pregnant After No Fetal Heart Rate Diagnosis

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j - August 17

My obgyn could not detect a heartbeat so they told me i had most likely miscarried, however I still feel pregnant. I am 10 weeks, but they said the fetus was at the 6 week stage...I believe them but i still have hope because i still feel like I am pregnant...please help


Cabbie - August 17

Unfortunately, it is not the baby that puts of the hormones that produce pregnancy symptoms. It is the gestational sacs. If they are still growing even if the baby is not, you will still have symptoms. I had a blighted ovum (baby died when it was a small ball) but my sacs continued to grow and produce hormones. Even at 9 wks when it was diagnoseed, I had severe nausea, very sore b___sts, heartburn, and extreme fatigue. It was only after my d&c that my symptoms went away. I'm so sorry.


A - August 17

I found out at 14 weeks that the baby no longer had a heartbeat. They estimated the baby died at 10 weeks. I had absolutely no idea. I had all the same signs of pregnancy, so I was in complete disbelief. I too felt like they made a mistake and it is normal to feel this way. It just doesn't make sense when your body is telling you one thing, even if they tell you otherwise. My doc told me that my body still thought it was pregnant and that is why I continued to feel pregnant. I had a D&C and within days all symptoms disappeared. I am so sorry, but I wanted to let you know my experience. Have they talked about what you should do if there is no heartbeat?


Q - August 17

I went through the exact same thing. 10w5d, with no fetal heartbeat and fetus measuring only 6w5d. I opted for a natural m/c, but after 3 weeks, decided to get a D&C. I didn't have any strong pregnancy symptoms (swollen b___sts and bloating) but I had a really hard time accepting that my baby no longer had a heartbeat (I had seen it at 7 weeks). Cabbie is right about the fetus not causing the symptoms, it is the sacs. I am very sorry for your loss.


Viv - August 18

I'm sorry for your loss...I just wanted to correct a few incorrect postings...it is actually the placenta that causes the symptoms, not the sac, as the placenta produces the hormones to sustain the pregnancy. The hormones are what cause you to have symptoms. So if you have a blighted ovum as Cabbie said, your placenta and sac have developed, and your placenta continues to produce the hormones needed even when there is no baby, so you still feel pregnant.


Beth - August 20

J, I felt the same way and that was one of the reasons I held off on the D&C option. As my body started pa__sing more and more blood clots, it helped me to accept that hope was gone (for this pregnancy). But even after I pa__sed the sac--in my doctor's office by coincidence--I still felt all the physical symptoms of pregnancy. My ob/gyn told me that even after I pa__sed the baby & sac, etc it would take a couple of weeks for the hormones to get worked out of my system & as long as the pregnancy hormones were present, that I would continue to feel pregnant even though my uterus was empty. I know how very difficult it is to accept especially when you still feel pregnant. I'm very sorry.


Tara - August 20

j, I also had strong pregnancy symptoms after I was told my 12 week fetus had no heartbeat. I never lost my pregnancy symptoms until after my D&C.3 days after my D&C I felt like I had just had a baby( I have had two other healthy babies)my b___sts got really swollen and were leaking milk. I am so sorry you have to go through this.


Tia - August 29

It is all so difficult,,,and so sorry for your loss,,, last wed.8/24 I thought I was 81/2 weeks pregnant,,,I had an ultrasound, everything was normal except the fetus only measured 6.2 weeks and no heartbeat, the u/s tech said! Can I still keep hope, that I miscalculated my last LMP and it was just too early to hear the heartbeat? My doctor did a blood test to check the HCG levels, it was at 28 thousand,, and friday they made me come back for another test to check if the levels increased (that's a good sign),, or decreased,,, unfortunately it did decrease to 26 thousand...... my next appointment is this wednesday,,, Should I request another ultrasound? to make sure there is no heart beat,,,, Help please! I read All of your replies,,, the answers about the D&C are very helpfull, should I need to have it done! Hugs to All that are struggling to become Mommies


Rebecca - August 31

I am in the same situation. I had an ultrasound last Friday thinking I was 8.5wks but the fetus was about 6.5 and no heartbeat was found. I am still suffering with nausea, tender b___sts and fatigue but no I have not got my dates wrong. To make it worse the doc saw two yolk sacs indicating twins but only one fetus - so it looks like I have lost them both. Really hard esp as I still feel so pregnant; now have to wait for another u/s next week to confirm. It is so comforting to know other women are going throught this; I have felt so useless since last week


Val - August 31

Rebecca (and all the other ladies on here) I'm so sorry for your losses, and for having the pg symptoms while you're going through a miscarriage. The same thing happened to me in early August. I was 8 weeks and had some cramping/spotting. When I went in for an ultrasound, they couldn't find the heartbeat, (they had seen one 2 weeks earlier). They gave me the choice of trying to have a "natural" miscarriage or to do a d&c and I chose the d&c since I was still having pg symptoms and was very sad and depressed. It's now 4 weeks later and I'm feeling much better and hoping to try again... just know that there is a light at the end of of tunnel... take care...


Tia - August 31

Thank you ladies! I had my appt. today,,, and had the 2nd ultrasound just to make sure, what was going on,,, the fetus only measured 6.5weeks,, should have been 7.2 from last wednesday,,, still no heartbeat or movement,,,, and my hcg levels dropped to 20 thousand from last wednesday which was at 28 thousand,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I decided to have the d&c this friday,,, so I can close this chapter in my life,,, and someday soon start over. I am keeping you All in my prayers, good luck and Big Hugs from Tia


Patty - September 5

Hi J, I hope you have some answers by now. I'm going through the same thing - TTC for over a year, found out we were pregnant, got a heartbeat at 6 weeks, went back five days later b/c doc thought he saw twins, turned out to have no heartbeat. That was two weeks ago, still waiting to miscarry, no spotting - bleeding - NOTHING! Nausea has subsided, but b___bs still hurt like crazy. I mean, they THROB sometimes - it hurts so bad. I'm trying to wait it out, rather than have a D&C because of the risks, but may not be able to. I'm afraid I'm losing it.


amm - September 7

I do not want to give anyone false hope but with my younger daughter she measured at 6w1d and had no visible h/b on the u/s and i was really torn up and scared, as the reason for the u/s was that i was spotting , but they did a series of hcg levels, which were also low, but then they spiked and when i delivered we found out that she had been 9 weeks at the time it just did not pick her up on u/s . and they had done both abd. and transv____al. I remember the fear though, it was like i was gonna be sick ,and i had no car and had to walk home in the rain that day, and face my then 6 month old daughter, it was hard, and the day before my wedding anniversary, best wishes to all of you ! May God bless all of you and your children.


lonely - September 7

Hi there, i know what all of you are going through and i am so sad and depressed right now. I was 17 weeks pregnant just 2 weeks ago, no bleeding no spotting no nothing. I went into the hospital with a little pain in my side they said it was just stretching of the uterus. Then they followed up with an ultrasound, and in the u/s they found no fetal heartbeat, i was torn and didn't know how to react i still am. I didnt' have a D&C just v____al delivery. I held him he was a little boy, just the size of my hand, i can't stop crying. After 2 weeks i just can't stop feeling the emptiness inside me. I need to know how long before i start again, how long do i have to wait to try to get pregnant i am bleeding but, not much i dont even know when my period starts. I am so confused and lonely. I pray for all of you out there who is in the same position as myself and i am sooo sorry to hear of your losses too.


Tara - September 7

Lonely,I am so sorry! I have been on this site since I had a missed miscarriage 12weeks in June 2005. Today my good friend phoned and she had a routine appointment today she 17 weeks and with a doppler they could not locate a heartbeat. She has a emergency ultrasound tomorrow .She has no spotting or cramping. Did your baby have a detected heartbeat before? They found the heartbeat at 13 weeks, but for some reason they are having trouble now. Im so worried for her as she lost a baby 2 years ago at 12 weeks and after that she was blessed with a healthy son. I sure hope she doesent have to go through another loss.


Lonely - September 8

Hi Tara, I am wish your friend all the best, but, yes when i was in the hospital 2 days before my u/s there was a fetal heartbeat it was 144 beats per minute, i will never forget it. They gave me the U/S just to make sure it was just stretching. And when i went 2 days later they couldn't find a heartbeat. I was devasted. I still am. Good luck to you and your friend, i will pray that her baby is ok.


Tara - September 8

Hi lonely, My friend just got back from her ultrasound and baby had a strong heartbeat and looked good. Thank god!I had my missed miscarriage in June 2005 at 12 weeks and I know what it feels like to see a lifeless ultrasound screen. I am 7.5 weeks pregnant and its so hard being pregnant again after a loss. I pray for healthy future babies for all of us!



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