Feeling So Low

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teresa281 - February 27

I am 40 and am having a miscariage. I have 3 boys youngest is 7 and found myself pregnant in January. I would have been 10 weeks last week when suddenly lost all symptoms and no longer felt pregnant. Ultrasound revealed empty 7 week sac, bleeding and pain only started 2 days ago. I feel very bitter and upset. I had just got used to the idea of being pregnant and started to get excited and now this has happened. Really dont know where I go from here, wasnt planning 4th child but just wish I were pregnant again. Life can be so cruel as I have learnt from reading many of the posts on here.


sososleepy - February 27

Hi teresa. I know what you mean! Mine are 11 and 12, and I'm 38. I was just gettring really excited when I lost mine a few weeks ago too. It ROTS!!! I'm trying really hard to get pg again, but I wasn't trying all that hard before either (we were trying, but not charting and nuts about it like I am now)... I understand. It feels like I've been robbed, but worse. Big hugs!


teresa281 - February 27

Hi sososleepy. How far preg were you when you miscarried? I had just mapped out the rest of this year all to include a new member to the family . It all just seems so unfair. How long did you wait before trying again? My head is all over the place at the moment.


ROBYN - February 27

Teresa I am so sorry for your loss. I just lost my baby at 14 1/2 weeks last tuesday we had to make an awful decision to terminate we had no aminiotic fluid and the baby was not developing kidneys we did a D&E. It was the most awful decision we had to make. Especially when our baby was still alive. There was 100% guarantee that our baby would never live. I have an 8 year old son I am 38. We got pregnant on our 1st IVF attempt. I feel completely empty its only been 8 days and i started to feel her actually start to kick. We found out she was a girl. I just take it day by day and look forward to our next IVF cycle. We are here for you to vent and cry trust me these girls have helped me this past week like you couldnt imagine. We see our RE on the 28th of March hopefully to start our 2nd cycle. HUGS



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