Feelings After A Misscarriage

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chazza253 - June 18

is it strange to feel weired around pregnant relitives after a misscarriage. i found out that my cousin is expecting a baby a month after i was due. i dont like to take about her pregnance and i cant stand looking at her ultrasound pic. i want to be happy for her but every time i look at her or someone says something about it i just break down. is it wrong to feel like this?


lilymummy - June 18

Hi Chazza, I'm sorry for your loss. Of cours it is not strange to feel that way, you naturally a__sociate her pregnancy with hers since they happened at around the same time. I have had 2 miscarriages, one last week, and I also feel sad, resentful and a bit jealous of people I know who are pregnant. It makes it harder for me that some of these ladies are not taking care of themselves and are careless of their pregnant bodies when I was taking such good care of my body because I was carrying a baby - but you will soon come to realise that everyone has their issues and it is her turn now and your turn soon. You might find it helpful to dicsuss this with her, if you are close enough, so you feel open and honest around each other. She might feel uncomfortable about hurting you unintentionally. Best of luck.


DINA - July 30



austin-our-sweet-angle - August 1

hi CHAZZA253,i think that it is normal after all you were due around the same and are sad and healing after a loss of your baby.she should understand this is hard for you


DGL - August 29

i think that it's absolutely normal to feel the way you feel. my sister in-law is having her baby 2 months befre my due date. she just found out that shes having a boy, and i feel the same way. i want to be happy for her but i just cant. i feel so useless and left out now. i can't seem to get over the fact that i'm not going to be a mommy anymore and it kills me. everyone keeps saying its okay.....you'll get pregnant again. you were only 2 months along, at least you were'nt attached to the baby. i'm horrified by what they are saying. they didnt go through what i did, and it hurts all the same, no matter how far along i was. people just dont understand and they make it worse when they try to understand.


twelch0330 - August 29

It is very strange. I lost my baby at 13w5d. There is no feeling in the world like what we have gone through. I feel like I've been robbed. I know your pain and I'm starting to wonder if I will ever be over it. I think about when I do finally have me a baby.. I'm always going to miss and think of this one I've lost.



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